Home Away From Home

Our Visit to Charleston

Thursday, April 17, 2014 – Prep Day

We went over yesterday and got the coach and brought it home. Jerry would have liked to get it a day earlier but the weather forecast was calling for strong winds so we decided to wait until Wednesday. It was a good decision! We plugged it in so I could clean and pack Thursday. Although my original plan had been to be at home all day I had some last minute errands to run so off to Mother Earth for a T-Shirt, Shelia’s for my check, the bank to cash the check, and then yet again some more grocery shopping! I was hoping to get everything done so we could go to Maundy Thursday services at Faith. You know what they say about good intentions! I spent the day washing and drying clothes and packing. Needless to say there were many treks out to the RV and back. We had also decided that things weren’t arranged quite like they should be so I spent part of the day moving canned goods, glasses, coffee cups and condiments. I “think” we have it so it’s more user friendly now and I hope I can find where I put everything. I also decided to rearrange things in the half bath cabinets. We have more room now in the easily accessible cabinet so hopefully that will work better. As is often the case there is not a lot of storage so we have to be mindful of where we put things. Jerry may add a shelf in the cabinet where the dishes are to give us a bit more space but right now what we have is working for us. It would really be nice if when home we could park it so the door is on the side of the house. Guess that sounds like I’m too lazy to walk around the rig doesn’t it? Since I didn’t get my morning walk in I guess I needed those extra steps. I fixed some spaghetti sauce to freeze in case we decided to eat in one night and then planned to prepare some chicken salad. When Jerry got home he immediately began cutting the grass and got the yard presentable so we could leave it for a few days. Afterward he put an adapter on the propane tank so that he could hook the gas grill up to that tank and we wouldn’t have to take the smaller tanks for cooking outside. Well, that’s when the fun and the learning began. Suddenly I realized that the refrigerator wasn’t working. Of course I had already put most of the things in there. Jerry tried several different approaches and I went to RV Tips and IRV2 and posted our problem as well as researching the Dometic website. We got several answers indicating that there might be air in the tank and finally two hours later someone suggested turning the fridge off and on 4-5 times. Voila! It worked and immediately began to cool down. That’s when we realized that most likely when we were in Raleigh at the horse show we were cooling the fridge with propane rather than electricity. Oh well, we learned and I was so hopeful that was the only thing we would learn on this trip. It wasn’t! While all of this was going on I was boiling the chicken breasts and running back and forth to make sure I didn’t end up frying it and the house also! We finally got in the house around 7:30 and I realized that not only did we not have dinner ready but I hadn’t prepared the chicken salad either. That wasn’t a big problem though as we both got busy in the kitchen. Jerry fixed chicken pastry for dinner and I prepared the chicken salad. Thankfully a last minute check of the house fridge on Friday morning reminded us to take it because we were just before walking out the door without it.

Friday, April 18

I woke up early this morning eager to get started. Finished the packing and putting the last minute things in the coach. Donna and Ken got there about 9:00 and had decided to ride with us rather than follow in their car so Jerry and Ken began to load up the car and secure it. It is a job and I so hate for Jerry to struggle with it so. Still hoping I can talk him into a jeep one day! Ken and Donna were really amazed when they saw our RV and we could hardly wait for them to see it with the slides out. Although the weather forecast was calling for rain we started out in sunshine. Jerry drove and Ken co-piloted while Donna and I visited on the sofa. We had a nice drive down Hwy. 70 to Hwy 95 South and just kept on trucking as they say. Along the way we all traded seats so that Jerry got a different co-pilot and lots of conversation to keep him from being bored! We stopped for lunch in Santee at a truck stop. We got out and went inside and browsed some, then back out to eat lunch and then back on the way again. About an hour out of Charleston Jerry asked Ken if he wanted to drive and he did so and drove the final leg of the journey. We got to Oak Plantation Campground somewhere around four and were assigned our site, QQ10. Of course just as we were coming into Charleston it began to rain and then when we started setting up it began to rain in earnest. I really wonder if Jerry can set up in the sunshine! By the time he got in he was soaked but the nice thing about having your own coach is that he could jump into a warm shower and put on dry clothes.

As it was getting late we decided to eat on John’s Island at Oak Angel Restaurant. Donna and I both had house salads with the most delicious sherry vinaigrette and then I had Seared Filet Mignon, Mashed Potato Croquettes and Sugar Snap Peas. I cannot even begin to tell you how very delicious it was, possibly one of the best meals I have ever eaten. Funny story though. They brought us bread – three slices only! When Jerry got his meal –sword fish I think – he asked for another little piece of bread and that’s what he got – a little piece of bread and the end piece of a loaf at that!

Since we had had a long day we went back to the campground and Donna and Ken went on to check into their hotel. By then it was absolutely pouring rain and it continued to rain like that all night. If ever our coach was going to leak it would have been Friday night. It was difficult to sleep with it raining so hard and then when it would stop the water would fall off of the trees, plop, plop! Still we were snug and warm in our little home on wheels. I think we’re going to like this!

Saturday, April 20

We got up early and had our morning coffee, checked e-mail, etc. I really enjoy the quiet time with just the two of us. We initially don’t talk much, just a good morning kiss and then silence until we wake up. As we sat and drank our coffee I noticed that several people came by and seemed to be looking at our rig. While I think it’s the most beautiful one in the world even I know it’s not that outstanding among all the diesels. Well, when we went outside we found out what was going on. Our front wheels were completed off the ground. Our site was a bit sloped and in the rain no one realized that the wheels were up. It was level so we didn’t explore further. Looked like a trip to Camping World was in order. It was also at this point that I realized that having a bath and a half might have been a good idea. Having lived with multiple bathrooms for years it never occurred to me that having only one could be a potential problem. It wasn’t really a problem but I was dancing for a few minutes!

Donna and Ken came over about 10 and since it was still raining we were kind of flummoxed as what to do in Charleston on a rainy day. We finally decided to tour Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. It was founded in 1870 by the Drayton family and today it is the oldest public tourist site in the Low Country and the oldest public garden in the United States. Though many of the flowers had gotten beaten to death by the hard rain of the previous evening everything was still pretty. We ate a quick lunch (I had a spinach wrap) while waiting for the nature tram tour. It was pretty funny to hear the guide talk about camellias, azaleas and the different kind of birds as though they were so exotic. I guess they were to the Chinese and Germans sitting in front of us. It was sometimes difficult to hear the guide as the couple sitting in front of us seemed very intent on discussing something and the mom kept taking close up shots of her sleeping baby. Really! Is that the only place she can take pictures? Oops – sorry – After the tour we went up to gift shop in the house and as we were walking around I heard someone mention Goldsboro. We chatted a few minutes and realized that I knew her college room-mate. Surely do wish I could remember who it was but I have completely forgotten. The cashier heard me say I was from Kinston and we discovered that we had a mutual acquaintance. Small world but then Trent later told me “You’re not that far from home Mom” but I surely felt like I was.

Ken and Donna, mostly Ken at this point are interested in possibly buying a 5th wheel so that fit in with our need for some levelers. Jerry also needed a new hitch so the tongue of the tow dolly would be lower to ground because the cowling on the car was catching on the dolly tearing the cowling apart so off to Camping World we went. Along with the hitch and the levelers we also bought a table cloth for the picnic table. We all got to look at some impressive 5th wheels. Wow, they are nice. Ken has the truck so if he can find one that he can mount a motorcycle lift on he’ll be in business.

We dropped Ken and Donna off at their hotel and we headed back to the campground to try to level the coach and get ready for the evening. Leveling took a bit more time than Jerry anticipated but I think we got it!

Earlier in the day we had decided to go to a play Saturday night. It was a mystery, Inspector’s NoClue’s Murder Mystery – a classic comic whodunit at The Black Fedora Comedy Mystery Theater. Unfortunately we did not make reservations for dinner and time was short so we ended up at dinner at La Fontana, a small authentic Italian Restaurant. As usual Jerry decided to try the pizza as he is trying it at nearly every restaurant he goes to. I got Fettuccine Alfredo and it had so much garlic in it that I just could not eat it. I didn’t want to complain but Donna assured me that the chef would want to know. All meals are prepared upon order so when the waiter looked at my plate and realized that I hadn’t eaten it he approached the owner who immediately took it off of our tab. I think our total bill that night was around $12 plus tip – by far the least expensive meal we got while in Charleston! As we left the restaurant and approached our car Donna mistakenly went to the wrong car and started to open the door only to be met by a big barking German Shepherd. I can’t tell you how quickly she closed that door. We all got a big laugh and it surely will be one of the laughable, memorable moments of the trip.

Then we took off for Church Street and the Black Fedora Theater. It was a small restaurant like seating with individual tables. No food but drinks could be ordered. The walls were covered with pictures and each table had a form for “Name that Detective”. There were 37 pictures of people ranging from Charlie Chan to Nancy Drew. Between the four of us we were able to correctly identify all of them and we won two mystery books! The emcee asked for participants from the audience and I encouraged Jerry to do it so he did. He was not supposed to reveal his part to us and from his behavior I became quite curious but I didn’t ask anything. His part was in the second half and darn it I didn’t video him but I surely wish I had. I just remember one line – his proclamation of being “Sexy, Sexy, Sexy”. The play was funny but there was one character, Fou Fou who spoke with a French accent and talked very quickly. It was hard for me to understand her and Jerry didn’t understand anything at all. That was his least favorite thing that we did during the week because with his hearing deficient and her quick talking he missed a lot.

After the show we began the trek back to the parking lot. As we were getting seated in the car and Jerry was getting ready to pay for the parking he suddenly said “We’ve got a problem”. He didn’t have his wallet! He had changed pants before dinner and I was hopeful that he had just forgotten to put it in the clean pair but I was doubtful as I knew that would be unusual. We went back to the theater and Jerry went in to see if it had been found. It hadn’t but they took his name and number and said they would call if it turned up. We started on back to the campground and conversation was limited. As we approached La Fontana Jerry pulled in and although it appeared to be closed he went up to the door anyway. When he knocked on the door they looked at him and said they were closed but he pointed to his pocket and said “wallet”. They immediately opened the door and bless pat, they had his wallet! Thank you Lord!

Back to the RV and just as we got in it began to rain again. This time though it was a nice gentle rain. I knew I would have trouble getting to sleep since we were out so late and I did! I got ready for bed as soon as we got back and actually fell asleep for a few minutes. I had the television on and some music started playing and it woke me up immediately. I couldn’t get back to sleep and then Jerry got in bed. I knew he was quite tired as he had stayed up Friday night reading. When he is tired … well, he started snoring to beat the band. I stayed as long as I could and finally got up, closed the door and went to the sofa in the den. I could still hear him though so I turned the television on. We had lost the cable stations so I turned on the lights so I could scan for the cable channels. That settled I laid back down only to hear the ticking of the wall clock. I finally got up and took the battery out of the clock. I don’t know what time I finally went to sleep but it was about 3 or 4 when I woke up enough to get in the bed. Wow, what a night! I’m still having fun though. Even though we only have one bedroom the coach is large enough to separate if one is having difficulty sleeping.

Sunday, April 20

We were up early Sunday morning as it was Easter Sunday and we planned to go to the church service held at the campground at the shelter. Donna and Ken came over and we all walked over. We were dressed as warm as could be because it was pretty chilly. Unfortunately I brought a lot of cute spring clothes and only one pair of warm pants. Thankfully I also brought my Mother Earth sweatshirt so I wore that under my Patagonia coat. Yes, folks it was a little cool and then the wind picked up! The service was so good though and we all enjoyed it a lot. The only thing that could have made it better would have been music. The minister started with prayer and spoke of Passover and the correlation between then and the tomb and the cross. It was quite good. One lady asked for special prayer for her son Michael who was in intensive care. Surely do wish I knew the outcome of that situation but I know a lot of prayers went up for him.

We left the campground headed for IHOP and apparently a lot of people had the same idea. We only waited a few minutes though and then we had a delicious breakfast. Afterward we headed toward downtown Charleston with plans for a carriage ride. We bought tickets from a vendor who scheduled us for an 11:50 ride. We went on over to the barn and waited for a good while. When we finally asked what was going on they said our scheduled ride had been canceled by the vendor. They could put us on a tram with several other passengers but that was not what we had paid for. They checked around and finally said that we had indeed paid for the tram but because there was a misunderstanding they would give us the carriage ride but they couldn’t do it until nearly 4. We agreed to that and then decided to walk through the city market. Jerry and I bought t-shirts and then I saw a small flag with “GiGi and PaPa” on it and of course I had to have it. We’ll take it to the river and fly it there. While there we went in a delightful candy store where all of the employees just started singing various songs. Oh such harmony and rhythm. Loved it! We eventually made our way back to the barn and took an hour ride in the carriage. We went through the Battery, down to the waterfront and saw many historic and beautiful houses. The row houses are so interesting. I can’t imagine living in a home that is only one room wide though. The guide pointed out the Calhoun house and suggested that we visit there if we had time. He was very informative and seemed to enjoy what he was doing. He also pointed out a house that he thought Stephen Colbert had purchased. I had seen an interview with Colbert at his house and it surely looked like the same house. Occasionally we would see bolted metal stars or crosses on some of the walls which were indicators that the home had been strengthened to withstand an earthquake. In 1886 Charleston experienced a 7.0 quake that destroyed many parts of the city. We never could quite figure out how these standing houses were reinforced. The driver also pointed out the door that led to the porches. It seems that when the door was opened the house was open to visitors but when it was closed they were not receiving company. Ah, the days of old when people just dropped in.

After the ride we had reservations for dinner at Magnolia’s. We looked rather like the ragamuffins but they didn’t seem to mind. Rather than a full meal I decided to have a salad and Pan Seared Sea Scallops, sweet corn hoe cakes and sauteed spinach with brandied apple-bacon cream sauce. Oh my goodness. It was absolutely delicious. They say you go to Charleston to eat and shop. Well, we didn’t do much shopping but we did do a lot of eating and the food was great.

After dinner we ended up at Ken and Donna’s room and just visited for a while getting to know them better. Then we walked to Kominsky’s for dessert and coffee. Since I had had a wild night previously there was no way I was having both caffeine and sugar that late so I just had water while the others shared a tasty looking fruit cobbler with ice cream.

Back to the campground for us and on to bed after a great but long day.

Monday, April 21

When we woke up Monday morning we saw sunshine. Whatever the day would bring at least it would be sunny and that was quite different from the week-end. Temps were still cool but pleasant. We started the day off with a trip to the John Calhoun Home and Museum. The garden is pretty although small as the house is on a small lot and the houses are close together. It is indeed a museum although it is a private residence. Our guide was definitely not a Charleston native and although he was very informative it was not the greatest tour. He kept taking his phone out and checking something. Don’t know if it was to make sure he left nothing out or if he was trying to stay on schedule but it was a bit distracting. The house itself is magnificent and very much a museum as it is full of “things”. When the family moved in they brought 7 ½ truckloads down and then later brought more. They continue to bring new things for display. I cannot even imagine living in a house like that. The owner is an attorney and has an office there as well. The children are grown fortunately. I wonder how long it would take Emma, Eva, Eli and Britt to make a mess of that place. I think that was my least favorite of our tours. As I said the house is packed and looked a bit cluttered to me. It was difficult to see everything or focus on anything. I think he said they had twelve clocks. We were there at noon and got to hear all of them announcing the time. Fortunately none of them were over-poweringly loud.

After walking around a bit we headed to Blossom’s for lunch. I had she-crab soup and a salad. It was good but not as spectacular as some of our other meals.

We quickly headed to the car and then over to the port for a ferry ride to Fort Sumter. The rocking motion of the ferry nearly put us all to sleep. Ken and Jerry had their eyes closed and I just gave up and put my head down on the table. The fort is so interesting but I couldn’t help but imagine the terror those soldiers, both Union and Confederates must have felt upon being trapped on an island. Interestingly enough the Union first occupied the fort and then the Confederates.

Afterward we went to Fleet’s Landing, a restaurant recommended by Theresa and Earle. It was definitely a fish house on the water and as busy as the Sanitary in the summer – and as loud. I had crab cakes and they were over an inch thick and delicious. Oh, I’m supposed to tell everyone that when we sat down I knocked the bread and butter plate on the floor and yes, it broke! Then I nearly turned over a glass of water. Although the meal was delicious we all decided that we need a hamburger on Tuesday! Enough of the fancy food.

Tuesday, April 22

Up early as usual and had our morning coffee. For some reason the coffee pot had started quite early so by the time we got up the coffee was tepid rather than hot. No problem, just popped it in the microwave for a few minutes. We were supposed to meet Ken and Donna early for a bus tour of the city so we got showered and dressed quickly. By then I had gotten a text from Donna saying that we would all be picked up by the bus at their hotel at 9:15. Well, that must have gone right over Jerry’s head because when I said let’s go he said to wait a few minutes and he read a bit more. As we were riding down Savannah Highway at 9:08 I realized that there was no way we could be at the hotel at 9:15 so I texted Donna to go on without us. She said that the bus was going to the Visitor’s Center and we could just meet there. Actually that worked out better because we had planned to go the Shem Creek for lunch and it was easier with the car at the Visitor’s Center.

The City Tour was 2 hours long and included the Battery and a stop at The Palmer House, the “pink” historic home, overlooking Fort Sumter. It was a strangely painted house as though it were in the middle of re-painting. There were two shades of “pink”. The Palmer House is also a B&B as well and as we entered the house I thought I smelled bacon. When we got upstairs the table had not been cleared from breakfast. Initially I thought it was for an authentic setting of times gone by until I realized there was a yogurt cup on the table. Um.., don’t think they ate yogurt back then. There was a lovely old piano in the room, can’t remember how old and the guide didn’t know if it was still playable. The ivory was missing on several of the keys. We were then treated to refreshments, a warm chocolate chip cookie and pink lemonade served on the piazza. Spent a few minutes rocking and overlooking the water – how relaxing that could be. Went into the gift shop on our return to the Visitor’s Center and bought a Tervis Charleston glass, our only “Charleston” purchase for the trip.

We then headed to Shem Creek, home of 18 restaurants. Donna and Ken had been told they could spend a half day there. Not sure what one would do for a half day as there are no shops there and no tourist attractions. I guess you could just go from restaurant to restaurant sampling their tasty treats. I sampled the she-crab soup and although it was OK decided to pass and just got a salad with goat cheese. It was good but something I could easily get at home.

Since there was nothing else to do we started looking for an RV dealership. We actually found two fairly close by but they didn’t have any 5th Wheels. Jerry was able to get a blank key for the door of the motor home and we’ll get that cut when we get back to Greenville.

We had decided earlier to just grill hamburgers at the campground for dinner so we headed back to Oak Plantation. When I walked in the motor home I nearly suffocated. We had mistakenly left the fireplace on and with the warmth of the day the inside was like an oven. After immediately turning off the fireplace we opened the vents and turned on the fans and it cooled off fairly quickly. For the rest of the afternoon we took a short walk around the campground and then just sat around outside the coach. It was a restful peaceful day. Hamburgers were great but … the fridge went out again. We knew immediately what was going on though so we turned it off and on several times and it began cooling again. Ken and Donna came in and we visited while they discussed the downfalls of education. I could barely keep my eyes opened and in fact dozed a bit. They left around 9:00 and I was in bed before they got back to their hotel I’m sure! I had the absolutely best night of sleep in a long time. Jerry thinks the fan might have helped and it might have but extreme fatigue surely played a part in it too. Although we’ve been RVing for several days in a sense it feels like we’ve been staying in a hotel. We’ve been up and out every day for most of the day and eating out every meal so we haven’t gotten a real sense of our style of camping. Today was just a taste and I’m still having fun!

Wednesday, April 23

Although we had discussed staying a day longer since we had heard that “Dueling Pianos” were going to be playing in downtown Charleston we decided that Wednesday was still departure day. We offered our car to Donna and Ken in case they wanted to extend their stay since they had their room until Sunday but they decided to come on home with us. We got up, had our coffee and then started packing everything up and securing the things that needed to be secured. I had had an absolutely wonderful night of sleep and when I got up I told Jerry that I was now ready to walk the streets of Charleston. A good example of too little too late! Don’t know if it was because of exhaustion or the quiet soothing sound of the fan that Jerry left on, most likely a combination of the two but whatever it was a good night’s sleep and only those who don’t sleep well can appreciate that.

Donna and Ken arrived about 9:00 and we began the process of hooking up the car. Wonder of all wonders – Jerry can do it all in the sun without raindrops. Donna asked him if he wanted her to sprinkle water over him to help him. Got it all done and left around 10:00. I wanted to go to the bathroom before we left so I asked Jerry to stop at the bath house on the way out. People were lined up behind us so we went right by. That was OK because I knew they would have a bathroom in the office when I went in to check out. Well, there was a young lady standing in the middle of the lane taking our survey and our site number so Jerry just handed them to her out the window and we were off. Really easy check-out! Rather than go through all of the traffic plus to avoid turning left out of the park we took the scenic route. It was two lanes a lot of the way and had a low hanging tree in one spot. Jerry said that would be the last time he did that. He had no problems but learned a valuable lesson. We rode for quite a while and suddenly Jerry took an exit and pulled into some quick mart station. When asked why he said because I wanted to go to the bathroom. Well, I did, at least 45 minutes earlier! Used the facilities anyway, got back on the road and then decided to stop at the rest stop about a mile further down the road to eat lunch. Apparently it was lunch time for all RVers because there were several others there. There was a 5th Wheel parked next to us so because Ken is interested in purchasing one he walked up to the lady and commented to her that it was a pretty rig. Her response was “Yes, it is.” He tried to make a bit more conversation then decided that she was definitely not a southerner because she was surely not very friendly. I was very surprised as we always hear about how friendly all RVers are but I guess there is one in every crowd. Perhaps she was just having a bad day. We finished up the chicken salad, cantaloupe, etc. and headed out only to stop again to get gas. I think we stopped three times in less than a couple of miles! Way to make time!

Jerry continued to drive although I had offered. I don’t think he was going to take any chances with me on Hwy. 95 in heavy traffic so I just kept quiet. We decided to stop at Camping World in Fayetteville so Donna and Ken could look at 5th Wheels. Interestingly enough the guy helping them was Jerry, the same guy who had tried to help Jerry and me back in early November. Steve was not there! Wonder why? I didn’t ask! Don’t know if it was a salesman’s ploy but he also indicated a trailer that he didn’t recommend buying. I know we wouldn’t have bought the motor home that he didn’t even want to show us if we had never been able to have one.

After that we headed on home. When we exited off for Smithfield and got to the stoplight to turn on 70 I took over the wheel. Apparently I drive a little too close to the white line as Jerry continuously told me to move over. I would, then would drift back. It really is different. After a bit Jerry moved to the sofa with Ken and Donna was my co-pilot. I kept drifting but she would just softly say “white line” and I’d move over. I was very nervous about the exit in Goldsboro since it was a round turn and then a lane change. I did it! The next hurdle was a very slow car in the right lane as we left Goldsboro. I changed to the left lane, passed him and then got back over. Another hurdle accomplished. Jerry kept asking if I was going to drive into the Hess station and of course I said yes. Still don’t know why he was so nervous about that. The really scary part was bypassing LaGrange. Because of all of the road construction they have a concrete wall on the right lane. Yes, I was nervous so after kind of going down the middle of the two lanes I moved to the left lane. I stayed there until we got past that wall then moved over to the right again. There was only one car behind me and he passed me quickly. Stopped at the Hess station and got the gas and then drove on home. I drove down Vernon and then turned on Queen so it was pretty much a straight shot. When we got home we just stopped in the street in front of the house and unloaded what we could without opening the slide. Next time I may suggest we open the slide even if it does take up all of the street. It’s not like there’s a lot of traffic there. After quickly unloading we went on to the warehouse. Donna and Ken wanted to see where we keep the coach so they followed us. I drove right in but stopped at the parking place. Ken and Jerry took the car off of the dolly and then Jerry backed in. We opened the slide and quickly took out all of the things in my closet and put them in the car. It was getting late so we all decided to go to the Baron and the Beef for dinner. Wow, it was good – and familiar! As we were eating it occurred to me that I had left the computer in the car so Jerry and I had to go back to the warehouse afterward. We just parked outside and I offered to go in any get it but Jerry went. He later said he didn’t think I could have done it as there were lots of creaks and odd sounds. Thankfully he had a flashlight. On the way home he suggested that we wait until Thursday to go to the river as it was after 9:00 and we were both tired. A great suggestion so home we went!

It was a great trip and I’d like to visit Charleston again one day but there are many other places I’d like to go first. I had wanted to visit Savannah but think that may have to wait a while as well. Actually that would have been a good combined trip but time was limited. I “think” it will be a good feeling when we don’t have to hurry home to spend a few days at the river and get chores done before Jerry heads back to school. I do hope it’s a good feeling for him as well!

Thursday morning Jerry just kind of looked at me knowing the answer to the question he was going to ask – “Did you get my clothes out of my closet” and of course I had not. Oh well, while I showered and dressed he went back out to get his clothes and a few other item I had failed to get. Lesson here – do not unpack in haste!