Home Away From Home

Preparation for our Virginia Trip

We got home from the river late on Wednesday afternoon, too late to go pick up the motor home so had to wait until Thursday.  Unfortunately, the repairman was coming to repair my windshield that had gotten cracked on my way to Raleigh the week before so we were home bound while we waited.  He was supposed to come between 8 and 12.  We were up at 6 so I got busy and started washing clothes.  The repairman came a little after 10 and afterward Jerry and I left to run errands and have lunch at Queen Street Deli.  I do so love their bacon, lettuce, cheese and peach sandwiches but $21 for lunch is a little steep.  It was great though.  Through the occasional downpours we got our errands done including stopping by Kings to get some barbeque to freeze for future meals next week.

Got home and left Jerry setting up the RV while I went for a pedicure.  By late evening the freezer was cold but the fridge had not even started cooling, still at 60 degrees.  We began to panic!  Finally Jerry asked me what time I would be done with my hair appointment on Friday because we would probably be going to Bill Plemmons in Raleigh for repair and then proceed on our trip.  Needless to say I started getting busy.  A late trip to the grocery store and then fixing spaghetti sauce to freeze completed the evening.  I had gone on RV Tips and asked for help.  They are the nicest group of people!  So many people responded with suggestions of what to do.  I also got some private messages from Kathy Ammons.  Many people had suggested that it would take longer to cool down because of the heat, to wait until the next morning and check.  Since none of our earlier trips had been in such hot weather it never occurred to us that it would take 24 hours for the fridge to cool.  I went to bed hoping everything was packed and thinking I was going to Bill Plemmons in Raleigh on Friday for some type of repair!

Soon after we got up Jerry went out and checked and sure enough, it was 33 degrees!  Whew – saved.  We spent the day getting haircuts and finishing preparations for the trip – and I had thought we were ready Thursday evening!  We left a little before 3 to go to Greenville to have dinner with Mom and run a few errands.  After our errands we arrived at Cypress Glen a little after 5.  Fortunately we had a brief visit with Mom because around 5:30 Gary Melton called and said water was running out of our river house so off to the Pamlico Beach we went.  Danny Barbour had ridden by and noticed the water pouring out of the house so he turned the water off and then called Gary who called us.  The master bedroom and bath and part of the hall are to say the least soaked.  The master closet is even wet and there are water stains about six inches up on the chair, the ottoman and the doors.  Gary and Janet came over and Jerry and Gary put the wooden furniture up on blocks wrapped with Saran Wrap hoping to stop any more water from seeping into the furniture.  Surely do hope it works.  Since there was nothing else we could do we came on home.  Jerry said there was no need to postpone our trip because we couldn’t even talk to the insurance agent until Monday and then there is no telling when we would see an adjuster.  We got home very tired about 10.  Our reaction though – it is what it is.  The water line under Jerry’s sink burst and that’s why we have insurance!  We called and left a message at Sloan and hopefully will hear from Loretta on Monday.  Gary said he would go over with an adjuster if he comes next week and surely he will.

Got home and continued preparation, washed a load of clothes and went to bed!  Wow – this day wasn’t what I expected but that’s OK.


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