Home Away From Home

Yemassee, SC

Day One – On the way to the Tampa Super Show

Wow – what a day, what a week! Our plans were to leave Friday, January 9 meeting Ken and Donna at Exit 77 at 10:00. Well, as they say “the best laid plans…” Throughout the week-end I continuously checked the weather and they were predicting a bitter cold snap. I mentioned to Jerry that we might want to leave earlier and try to avoid some of the frigid temperatures. By Monday we were pretty sure we were going to leave on Thursday. We couldn’t leave any sooner because Jerry was getting his hair cut on Thursday morning at 9:30 plus we had to pick up meds before we could leave and they could only be refilled at a certain time.

We were busy Monday. I had a hair appointment Monday morning and Jerry had some errands to run. After lunch we went to the grocery store and then out to the warehouse to get the motor home. Since our plan was to return the RV to the warehouse on Wednesday before it got too cold we left the tow dolly there. We went on home and I immediately got in the kitchen. Jerry was still running errands, to Lowes for something for the rig so I made a meatloaf, stuffed peppers and spaghetti. The spaghetti was a work in progress and although I followed a recipe we kept adding. Two teaspoons of brown sugar made it too sweet so we started trying to combat that taste. Lots of chili powder, Worcestershire sauce and heaven knows what else. We decided we had made a great pot of spaghetti sauce. Unfortunately we don’t know how to replicate it!

Tuesday after coffee and walking on the treadmill we finally left for Greenville around 11:00. Our plan was to go to Sam’s, Lowe’s for Kashi cereal since we can’t find it in Kinston or Washington, Bed, Bath and Beyond to exchange some bath mats for the river, Artisan’s to get some of the raspberry with jalapenos jelly for the meatballs and a visit with mom. We accomplished all of that! Last was a visit with Mom where we told her we were going on a little trip. She wisely assumed Florida. Sometimes she amazes me – to say the least. As we were walking to the car I said well heck let’s leave Wednesday. Jerry had already changed his hair appointment so it all hinged on getting the meds. He called MedSource and they were already ready so the rush began. We got home about 3:00 and Jerry headed for his hair cut. I started putting clothes in the motor home. Because of the freezing temps the night before Jerry had turned on the heat and left a heater and the fireplace going. It was 84 degrees in there. I turned off the heat but by the time I made several trips in and out I was wet with sweat. We both had eye appointments at 4:00 so I headed to Dr. Wright’s office then. Also texted Trent to see what time we were going to meet him and his family at Pizza Villa to celebrate Caroline’s birthday – what a place for a celebration but they chose it. I had offered chicken and pastry at home but that was too fattening. Before we left for the PV I put the meatballs on. They were frozen but I heated the sauce before I poured it in. I think they will be fine. Headed on to the PV and had dinner. Neither Eva nor Britt would have much to do with us, yet another reason I don’t like going out to eat with them. Home is better. When we left there we went by Walmart to pick up some last minute groceries and headed home. Once there we were running around like chickens with their heads cut off. The meatballs were doing fine so Jerry started preparing some cinnamon pecans. In the meantime we were both going back and forth to the motor home taking things out. We had planned to make some sausage balls so I had bought sausage at Walmart but when I got ready to get it out I realized that I had forgotten to get cheese. My thought was to forget them but Jerry insisted on going to the Piggly Wiggly to get some. While he was gone I fixed the Sloppy Joe mixture for dinner on Friday night. We had originally planned to grill hamburgers but it’s going to be way too cold. We took nearly everything to the RV that needed to be in the refrigerator and freezer and hopefully most of our clothes leaving only personal things to be loaded Wednesday morning. I finally began to get ready for bed around 11. Wow – what a day. I was tired but not sleepy a bit so I knew I’d have trouble going to sleep. We talked about leaving around 7 or 8 but we didn’t set an alarm.

Wednesday morning started off just as busy. Jerry realized that he had to go out to the warehouse to get the tow dolly, he spent some time on the phone with Lee’s office and Medicare who is sure that he is still employed and I spent time doing some financial work. I also called Jolly Acres Campground in St. George where we were planning to stay Friday night to see if they had any vacancies for Wednesday and Thursday nights. They didn’t have any 50 amp and only had one for Friday night. I was beginning to think that despite our reservation it was a first come first serve sight. When we had originally made the reservation they didn’t ask for a credit card so perhaps that should have told me something. I told them we’d call them back.

We left at 11:30 headed for we didn’t know where. Jerry had decided that he wanted to stop at Camping World in Fayetteville and buy a heated hose rather than try to jack leg a regular hose and we knew we were going to wait until we got to South Carolina to buy gas. In the past we had always filled the tank up in Kinston on our return trip but with gas so expensive we decided to wait. Glad we did. As he drove I searched for campgrounds in the midst of failing internet signals. I called Santee Lakes in Summerton, SC and they said they had lots of openings. Scary but I went on and made the reservations for two nights thinking we’d probably move on to Jolly Acres on Friday to meet Donna and Ken. I started reading the reviews and boy they were indeed scary so the search began again. I finally found a KOA in Yemassee, SC and called them. It was further than we had planned to drive and pricier than we had planned to spend but had good reviews and we could get in for three nights plus it was only supposed to get down to 19 degrees there, warmer than the 14 at home not including the wind chill in the single digits. I made the reservation for three nights and cancelled the other two. For us, it has been an adventurous day! Jerry mentioned that we might want to leave Thursday and head on to St. Augustine but said he’d wait to see what the campground looked like before making a decision. My thought was that we needed a day of rest because we have been hustling since Sunday.

We broke both of our rules today driving much longer (317 miles) and arriving after dark. We got to the campground about 6:00 and got checked in. The office told us to keep the gray tank opened and keep a faucet leaking all night and hopefully that would keep everything from freezing. Fortunately someone led us to our site. We really don’t anything about the campground as it was dark. We got set up and I immediately began getting dinner ready. We also had to get the motor home organized. I had never left with the bed unmade and the sofa full of things. We had spaghetti for dinner and it was good! Hope I’ve finally hit upon something not using Prego. The sauce was a little sweet but we’ll work on that next time. After dinner Jerry watched State play a good game but lose anyway and I got ready for bed. After talking with Donna I got in bed and was asleep before 9:30. I never even heard Jerry come to bed.


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