Home Away From Home

Beaufort, SC

Day Two on the way to the Tampa Super Show

I knew I would wake up early because I went to sleep so early. Seven hours is about all I can sleep although I would love to sleep eight. I woke up at 4:15 though. The clock was blinking so I knew the electricity had gone off sometime during the night. I checked my phone and it was 24 degrees, not as cold as I had anticipated. I did go back to sleep until 6:15, stayed warm in bed until 6:30 and I smelled the coffee. I quietly got up, went in the den and had a cup of coffee while catching up on my journaling if that is what it is. I knew we had another heater but I didn’t know where it was. The faucet was still dripping so we were in good shape in that respect but I have a better understanding of water torturing. Wow – that drip can be annoying. Jerry had put a sponge below the drip and that helped but I could still hear it. Jerry got up around 8:00 and we were just hanging out. He turned the heat (propane) on and it warmed up quickly in here. Suddenly about 8:50 he said we had no water. Apparently the pipes somewhere are frozen. According to the weather channel the temperature at 8:57 is 20 degrees. Plans for the day have changed a bit as there is no water, no shower. Oh well – time to catch up on some things. It’s not supposed to get above freezing until 1:00. Hopefully this was the coldest night we’ll have. I was feeling pretty confident this morning when I woke up with water – oh well!

Update: its 9:02 and it seems we have water now. We’ll keep it dripping. Wonder if I should go on and jump in the shower. I hate to go off and leave a faucet dripping – that doesn’t seem like a wise plan. We’ll see.

We ended up spending the morning in the RV. Raye called to ask how Mom was doing. She thought Mom’s ortho appointment was yesterday instead of next week and she wanted to find out what the plans were. We caught up on a lot of the news and actually talked for quite a while. As we were talking Jerry went outside to get the car off of the dolly only to discover that the battery disconnect that he bought had not worked. Yep, dead battery once again so the plan was to first go to Walmart and buy a jump start thingie. In the meantime he went to the office and someone jumped the car. He let it run for a while and after I finished talking with Raye I went out and backed it off of the dolly for him. It’s just a bit muddy outside (and inside now that Jerry has tracked it in) because several spigots had been left on overnight to prevent freezing.

As we were leaving we stopped by the office to get some ideas for sightseeing today and of course to find the locations for a Lowe’s and Walmart. No matter where we travel we always end up stopping at those two stores.

Frozen Water Fountain
Frozen Water Fountain
The first suggestion was the Visitor’s Center at the Frampton House. As we were walking to the house we noticed the Wishing Well with the fountain that was completely frozen. It gets cold in the Low Country too! The house was mainly a gift shop and we saw several things that we would like for the river but didn’t make a purchase. We may go back tomorrow. The docent was English and gave us several suggestions for touring Beaufort.

Next we toured the Historic Country Store, a general store with original peach and cherry cider. It was filled with different kinds of cider and many canned fruits and vegetables. We sampled some cider but didn’t find any that we particularly liked. I had hoped we’d find hot cider but we didn’t. We also sampled some delicious relish. It would be great on hot dogs or collards. Again, we may stop by there tomorrow and get some.

Next we headed to Beaufort which is about 16 miles away. Our first stop was Lowe’s. By this time I was warm and just a bit sleepy so I decided to stay in the car while Jerry went in. He stayed so long that I took a little nap and then ended up writing a brief recommendation for someone. He bought a quartz heater and some breakers for the motor home. He can use the heater in the workshop although I think we need to be sure we have it in the motor home when we travel. You never know when you might need it.

Our next stop was Walmart for the battery charger. We also got a few groceries including some pork chops for tonight’s dinner.

We then went on in to Beaufort. I thought it was a sleepy little town but it isn’t. To be a tourist town on the water it surely is busy with a lot of traffic, much different than what I expect Atlantic Beach is this time of year.

Beaufort SC Visitor's Center
Beaufort SC Visitor’s Center
We went to the Visitor’s Center and again the guide gave us some ideas. While we were there I got a call from Robbie Booth. He just got a 2006 diesel pusher, 39 feet with a washer and dryer and wondered if we’d be interested. He texted me the floor plan and it isn’t anything we’d be interested in. IF and yes, that’s a capital IF we get another I’d like a bath and a half although we’ve only had a problem with only one bathroom once but it was a real problem that time! The coach also has a dinette and I don’t want that. Although it doesn’t have a fireplace Robbie said he could put one under the TV. I told him we were traveling and on the way to the Tampa show. Wonder if that’ll light a fire under him to find us something not that we’re really that interested. I’m satisfied with what we have except for the kitchen counter space.

After leaving the Visitor’s Center we walked to the end of the block trying to decide where to go. We quickly realized that it was just too cold to wander about so we headed by to the car. We rode around and looked at some of the gorgeous old homes, then rode down the main street of Beaufort. There appeared to be some nice shops there but I’m not interested in shopping so we didn’t stop.

Our next stop was the gas station. We didn’t fill up the car in Latta thinking that it would tow more easily and cheaper with an empty tank. We couldn’t find a Hess station so we ended up stopping somewhere that had gas for $1.91 – cash, not card – the sign was a little misleading.

We then headed back to the RV with a stop by the Old Sheldon Church ruins. We got turned around somehow and ended up taking a turn that led us straight to a dead end with a sign saying “Your GPS is wrong. This is a deadend”. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Apparently it happens frequently enough to warrant a sign. We finally saw the ruins of the house. We didn’t even get out of the car. We had seen an old ruin while we were in Virginia!
Headed on in and Jerry started working on changing the breakers. I called Mary Ann to wish her a happy birthday and then called Ruth to wish her a belated birthday. Dinner consisted of pork chops on the Foreman and boy were they good.

After that I checked my e-mail and had one from Tideland. Our check didn’t go through due to an incorrect number. I immediately replied explaining the difficulties with changing from Bank of America to First South. Then I tried to get online to resubmit the amount. I couldn’t amend the number on the iPad app and I couldn’t get online for the web based site. Frustration. I’ll try again in the morning and if that doesn’t work I guess I’ll call and have it put on the credit card. Argh…..

A quiet night, no television – nothing worth watching and I guess there must not be any kind of game on because Jerry isn’t watching it either. We’ve already got the water dripping again tonight. It’s 9:47 and 28 degrees with an expected low of 23. It’s already 19 in Kinston though with an expected low of 15. No, we didn’t get far enough south to avoid the bitter cold but at least it’s not quite as cold. Our original plan was to leave by 8:00 on Friday morning. I can’t imagine going out to the warehouse and starting up the RV in 15 degree weather. It would take forever for the inside to warm up if it ever would! Glad we came on early. Have no idea what the plans are for tomorrow although Jerry said we’d be out and about earlier. We’ll see about that!


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