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Hunting Island Lighthouse

Day Three – On the way to Tampa

Another cold night although it wasn’t quite as cold. Since we didn’t have to wait as long for things to begin to warm up we ate our coffee, showered, dressed and were on our way.

Our first stop was at the “dead end. Your GPS is wrong” sign simply because we wanted a picture of the sign. Needless to say Jerry sent it to everyone saying his navigoddess had failed again!

Then we headed on to Beaufort to see the Vernier House but wouldn’t you know – it was closed for the day. Someone later told us it was probably because of the cold. We decided to just stroll down the street of Beaufort and our first stop was the Mary Tibault Art Gallery. Wow – she is really good and had some art that would fit right in at the river. Although affordable it did not fit into our budget at this time. She was not there but another artist Mary Jane Martin was and was absolutely delightful! She spent a lot of time talking with us and then gave us lots of ideas of things to see and do on this cold wintry day. She was painting with acrylics but Jerry asked her about painting with oils and she gave him some good information about drying times. Sometimes it can take an oil painting a year to cure before the varnish can be added.

Another picture in the trees!
Another picture in the trees!
At her suggestion we headed for Hunting Island to see the Lighthouse there. As we traveled along we went through Lady’s Island and Helena Island. It was a lovely drive but sights are very similar to what we see as we jet ski along the Pamlico and Pungo. We went over two swing bridges (they open for water traffic) and then we went over an extremely narrow bridge. I can’t imagine driving an RV over there. It was touch and go with a little car! A sign indicated no parking. Really? We went to the Hunting Beach State Park with an admission of $5, no senior discount unless you live in SC. As we wound around the road we stopped and took pictures among the palmetto trees and then headed to the Visitor’s Center where we watched a brief video on the history of the lighthouse. One story was told by a gentleman whose dad continued to man the lighthouse during a severe hurricane to keep the prisms shining so ships would not hit the shore. Afterward he was blind for two weeks and was hospitalized and then wore glasses for the rest of his life. That’s commitment and rarely seen today.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

We continued to wind around the road. Fortunately it was all one way but interestingly enough the speed limit was 20. Jerry went 10! We went to the lighthouse and wandered around outside but did not climb it. Although according to the scales I really need to exercise A LOT we declined to pay the $2 to climb up. We walked out to the beach where the ocean was eerily calm. It was reminiscent of what we saw at Jekyl Island some years back and again parts of it reminded us of the Pungo shore.

Hunting Island Lighthouse
Hunting Island Lighthouse

Since it was so cold we didn’t stay long, got back in the car and ate our lunch – Atkins Bars (they aren’t working) and then headed to the Port Royal Marine Center. Along the way we saw a Best Buy so turned in there to get an adapter for my SD card in the camera. It was the smallest Best Buy I’ve ever been in and they did not have an adapter. So on to the Marine Center which was located in Port Royal. Oops – after being unable to locate it on the GPS I did a search on my phone. Seems it’s not in Port Royal but in Okatee – who knew? An hour later we found it. It was interesting and had we only ridden 15 minutes would have been worth the drive but maybe not so much after an hour of going who knew where. The guide there was interesting and gave us a lot of information initially and then as Jerry wandered around she gave me a lot more information – she has two children, her husband’s passion is fishing and they are expecting a granddaughter in July, Yada, yada, yada. I really wanted to wander around too!

After that we headed back to Yemassee to the Frampton Plantation to determine if we wanted to buy the wall hanging. Both Jerry and I decided if this bird on top was not included we would not buy it. It was included! There were several things there I would love to have bought for the river but we have already spent more than I planned since we left two days early.

We left there and went to the Cider store and bought the delicious relish we had sampled the day before. After that we headed for the big town of Yemassee. Mary Jane Martin had suggested we go because it is a quirky little town with an antique/deli store and a white lightning store next to it. She also strongly suggested that if the speed limit said 25 we better go 25! We found the town and it makes Bath look big. After a quick drive through we didn’t even stopped and headed back to the RV.

We drove through a neighboring campground to see what it looked like thinking that if we ever come back this way we’d want to know which campground to go to. Fortunately we stayed at the right one! Appeared to have a lot of long term folks and the spaces were small, close together and yes, muddy!

On our way back we stopped at the outlet store for Sabatier knives imported from France. They were nice but we passed on buying and headed to the motor home.

Donna and Ken came in around 5:30 and Jerry helped Ken set up while Donna and I visited. When the guys came in we warmed up the sloppy joes and had dinner. Both Donna and Ken were exhausted so they left shortly after determining that we would pull out tomorrow at 9:30. Jerry and I played on our computers and then I went to bed shortly after 9:00. I can’t believe how well I am sleeping and just hope it continues!


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