Home Away From Home

Arriving in St. Augustine

Day Four – Moving on to the Tampa Super Show

Jerry got up around 6 and I stayed in bed until 6:15 but I was cold and knew I couldn’t go back to sleep so I got on up. We both weighed and darn it we continue to gain weight. Although I have admittedly gained weight I don’t think the scales are correct. I weighed several times today with heavy clothes and without and weighed the same. Oh well.

Jerry hooked the car up on the dolly and now within 15 minutes we could pull out except we have another hour to wait. Nope – by the time we got ready Donna had knocked on the door and they were ready. They are really good traveling companions. We pulled out around 9:15 headed for St. Augustine. Neither Ken nor I could find the address in our GPS but we knew it was off of I95 and he said we turned on Route 16 so we headed on. We traveled about 3 hours until Ken needed to stop for gas. We got a snack at Wendy’s (French fries) and headed on.

Our home in St. Augustine
Our home in St. Augustine
In the meantime I had gotten the Good Sam’s Camping Book out and located our campground with a more detailed address. I put that in the GPS and we got the correct directions. I also put in the name of the campground and got the same directions so I knew we were good to go.

We arrived about 1:00 and got settled and then left a little before 3:00 and rode into St. Augustine. We found a parking place and then spent some time just wandering around the streets. It was so cold and we were not dressed for it! The streets were crowded and we did see some strange sights. We went in the trolley information booth to see what tours they had to offer. While Donna, Ken and I listened to the guide Jerry stood outside. We all bought tickets to ride the trolley for three days – actually only two since we’ll be leaving Tuesday. When we stepped outside of the booth Jerry’s response was that he didn’t have to pay $66 to see strange sights – he had been seeing them the entire time we were in there. The one he talked about the most was the young girl who had dyed her hair gray. With half the world his wife included trying to cover gray there was a young girl dyeing hers gray. What makes the world go around I guess. We wandered in and out of the shops for a while and then went to the Columbia for dinner. It was a Spanish restaurant and we had no idea what to order. We all ended up ordering tapas. Before they were served we each had a “hunk” of bread. When they gave us our individually wrapped bread I knew that I wouldn’t eat it all. Wrong. Good butter and good bread and yes, we ate it all! Jerry and I had shrimp, crab cakes and pork ribs – what a combination and I was afraid my stomach might revolt but it was good and we enjoyed it.

Afterward we returned to the car and headed back to the campground. Goodnights were said and shortly afterward I was in bed. I really have slept well on this trip and I surely hope it continues!


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