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On Our Way to Cedar Key

After a very sleepless night (I should have known better than to eat the Crème Brule) some of it spent on the sofa because I didn’t want to wake Jerry I climbed back in bed for about 30 minutes and finally got up around 6:30. The coach was cool so we turned on the fireplace and the quartz heater. They very quickly warmed everything up. We had an appointment with Susan Krystal at Lazy Days at 9:00 so we had to hustle to get everything packed up and loaded, e.g. car. We pulled out of Tampa East about 8:50 knowing we were probably going to be late and wouldn’t you know there was an accident ahead that caused a slowdown. I think it was about 9:10 when we arrived. When entering Lazy Days you have to go through a manned gate and they gave us an exit pass. I guess that’s to prevent anyone driving off with one of their rigs. We met Susan shortly and went to her office where we discussed what was available within our budget. Then we got on a golf cart and she took us on a tour of the grounds, 123 acres and then began to show us Tiffin Phaetons. I told her we were open to other brands but because of my pretty specific wish list especially the washer and dryer Tiffin was our best bet. After showing us several coaches, some 40′ and some 42″ and one really smelly one, we went back to her office and discussed particulars, e.g. deposit, time, etc. She actually said that she might have something for us in a couple of weeks. Wow – fast! Guess we have some quick thinking and praying to do! (A little caveat here – we never heard from her again.)

We got some nuts to snack on when we left about 11:30 and headed to Cedar Key. Wouldn’t you know the sun has finally come out? It is a beautiful day, sunny and perhaps a bit warmer. Actually I’d rather travel in overcast skies because there is no glare and you can read electronics easier. Right now we’re traveling on a toll highway and have already paid $3.75. Here we are thinking about buying a new coach, a diesel at that and we are quibbling about $3.75. Go figure. Three tolls on Sun Coast Highway.

Stopped in Homosassa FL at a Walmart and did a little grocery shopping and then ate ham sandwiches in the coach. Now on the road again, about 75 miles from Cedar Key. Asked Jerry what he thought about buying a “new to us” diesel. I think he’s a little shell shocked about the possible rapidity of it happening. We both think we need to call Robbie and let him know what’s going on and give him a chance. They don’t sell Tiffins so doubt he can help us.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWe got to Sunset Isles RV a little after 3:00 and upon arriving it looked, well a mess. They are doing construction on the motel rooms connected to the main office. I think the office is also part of a short order restaurant and it looked like they had delicious fudge. Despite my “aversion” to sugar I’m going to have to try some of that. Since we pre-paid and had given them all of the information early check-in was a breeze. I don’t think I was in there 3 minutes! We’re on site 7 right on the water. Our pier is – well, broken! It looks like most sites have small piers and I think you can walk on any of them. It doesn’t have to be on your site. Sunset is supposed to be beautiful. In fact when I made the reservation the lady said we’d be right where we could watch the sunset.

We drove around to the back and there are lots of rigs back here and while the spaces aren’t large they’re ok. I think we could let out the awning and set up the chairs if we wanted to. Jerry got us backed in and I set the jacks. Then as I was letting out the dining room slide I heard a pretty loud pop. Another piece of the wire had snapped. Do we go home, keep on and not let out that slide or what? Jerry called Robbie who told him we were members of Priority RV Network so we need to download the app and find the nearest dealer and they should repair it. The nearest dealer is in St. Augustine, Dick Gore’s RV so Jerry called them. Of course it was right at 5:00 by that time so the service department was closed. He’ll call back in the morning. We may be going back to St. Augustine.

We hopped in the car and rode into Cedar Key and Susan Krystal was correct. It is a quaint little town. We didn’t see a single grocery store though and I understand the nearest one is about 45 minutes away. Kind of reminds me of being at PB. It looks like a neat town to wander around in except it is cold!

We got back and walked around the park and saw the neatest old trailer. Hopefully I can get a pic of it tomorrow. It is OLD! We noticed that someone was building a fire so we walked over and he invited us to the potluck dinner and country music tonight in the meeting room. He said residents just got together and played and sang. Sounds like fun.

We came on back to the RV (we forgot to watch the sunset 😦 and I began to investigate Passport campgrounds in the St. Augustine area on the off chance we go back there. Jerry read for a while and then went to sleep. We decided not to go to the potluck dinner since we had nothing to contribute. Tonight was left over night – burgers from Wednesday night and anything else left in the fridge.

Sunset at Cedar Key
Sunset at Cedar Key
We walked over to the meeting room about 8:00 and it was already packed and the music was playing. They had a couple of guitars, a bass, a banjo, a steel guitar (I think), and a couple of other stringed instruments and they were jamming! It was great. Apparently they do this each night on the week-ends. Hope they do it Saturday night. We’ll get there earlier and get a better seat.

Back in around 9:30 and then to bed. I left the shade in the back window up hoping I’ll be awaken by the sun in the morning – that is if the sun shines! After my previous sleepless night I’m sure I’ll have no problem going to sleep. I could feel the cold coming in through the window since the shade was up so I put an extra blanket on the bed. It’s supposed to get down to 44 tonight. Sunny, warm Florida!


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