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A Change of Plans – Headed to Georgia

Woke up a little before 6:00 this morning. Since it was so warm yesterday we had the windows and vents open and when we returned after our ride into Cedar Key the RV smelled like smoke from the camp fires, one next door. We quickly closed up everything but the odor remained. I woke up this morning so stopped up that I had to get up to breathe!

I’m sorry that we couldn’t stay here another day but it is what it is. Jerry too is sad that we’re having to end our trip early but he said we may be able to take another in February. If we don’t get to see much of Savannah today or tomorrow maybe that’s a possibility. I don’t think have the living room slide closed will bother me as much as it will Jerry since most evenings I go to the bedroom. Hopefully we’ll hear from someone at Bill Plemmons tomorrow so we’ll know whether to head to Raleigh or Rural Hall.

Gypsy took us right through downtown Gainsville right by the University of Florida. Gainsville appears to be a very clean town with a lot of students walking around. We saw several walking and biking trails. Loved seeing the horizontal stoplights – they haven’t made it to North Carolina yet.

Well, have mercy! Pulled off the road at a Shell station because Jerry had to go to the bathroom and we couldn’t find anywhere else to stop. Decided to have lunch there as well. I just had an Atkins bar and Jerry ate some ham and chips. While sitting there he asked me to come sit on the sofa with him. Then he started asking me what our original plans had been, how far it was to so and so. After some discussion and Internet search we decided to go on to Savannah for a couple of days. He said with the kitchen slide pulled out he thought it would be ok and we’d just keep the dining room slide in. If it’s not comfortable we’ll go on. We’ll be staying at a campground that has a shuttle to downtown Savannah. More detail to come later. I called Savannah Oaks RV and made a two night reservation and then called Hardeeville RV and cancelled our reservation there.

Arrived a little after 3:00 and checked in. The girl in the office, Julia was very nice and helpful. When I saw a brochure about the trolley tours I mentioned that we had gone on one in St. Augustine. She said if we had our stickers we could get a $2 discount. Jerry has his but I think he threw mine away. The trolley will pick us up here at 9:00 and bring us back at 5:00. Sounds like a deal to me! Anyway, the campground is gated and can only be entered by code. Someone led us to our campsite, 109 and guided Jerry into the paved parking area. It’s nice to be on pavement for a change.

As soon as we got everything set up we went to Walmart for creamer and a few other groceries, then back for Jerry to watch Seattle in the playoffs. I thought about going on a walk but just didn’t!
Salmon for dinner and an early to bed night.


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