Home Away From Home

Beautiful Savannah

Woke up this morning freezing! I got up around 5ish to go to the bathroom and it was so cold in the RV. I put the blanket over the spread and climbed back in. It’s a wonder Jerry didn’t fall out of bed because I was right up against him. We didn’t see the need to keep the fireplace or quartz on last night and since it got down to 35 or so it was really cold. Jerry jumped up around 7:00 and turned the heat on and then we stayed in bed until it was tolerable.

Since the trolley tours weren’t operating this morning because of Martin Luther King Day (Federal Holiday) we didn’t hurry this morning. I needed to call the City of Kinston to get the total of our bill. Honestly Kinston – it is time to get technological. I found out how much our bill was and then went online to pay it and found out that First South wouldn’t get it to City of Kinston until the 26th. It’s the 19th! Oh well, as soon as we get home we’ll go downtown and pay it. Ain’t technology great?

Our plan was to go to Tybee Island for a bit and then wander around Savannah saving the trolley tour until tomorrow. As we were riding down the highway a ramp was closed by police and as I looked over I saw a horde of people and then realized that people were lined up for a parade in celebration of Martin Luther King Day. Gypsy took us downtown into Savannah and every road we went to was blocked. It was kind of like you can’t get there from here! We decided to just walk around and found a parking place but realized that it was paid parking and we had not one quarter so we pulled out. Jerry dropped me off in front of what I thought was a coffee shop – t wasn’t but they told me that we didn’t have to pay parking meters today since it was a federal holiday so off we went to find another parking place.

Layfayette Square
Layfayette Square
We finally found a parking place and our first stop was the Cathedral of St. John. Wouldn’t you know it was closed for worship so we went across the street to Layfayette Square. David called and Jerry talked for a while and I wandered around trying to find some sunshine. Then we walked over to Colonial Park Cemetery. Graves there went back to the 1700’s and there were over 700 buried there who had died from yellow fever. Many of the tombstones were unreadable due to age.

We walked back to the Cathedral but it was still closed so we went back to the car and had lunch. In a city full of good restaurants we sat in the car and had Adkins bars! Really! Then we finally headed to Tybee Island. Quite frankly it was a disappointment in that it only had a small stretch of stores and they were the typical tourist stuff. We only stopped for Jerry to go to the bathroom in a portapotty and then we left, didn’t even see the water. I guess living on the coast makes us a bit uninterested in seeing another coast.

We decided to go to the Visitor’s Center and ride the trolley. Well – what a ride. Gypsy may have been confused or we weren’t listening but getting to the Visitor’s Center was – well let’s say interesting. Going down a one way street – yep, the wrong way. It was a short street and we didn’t meet anyone fortunately. We finally got to the Visitor’s Center and went in. It wasn’t very interesting plus Jerry began to feel as though his sugar was dropping. I had purposely kept a small bag of M&M’s in my purse for that eventuality but they didn’t work so he had to go buy a candy bar. He soon began to feel better and we walked outside. I walked over to the trolley sales desk to ask if we could bring out tickets from St. Augustine tomorrow and get the discount. Jerry still had his sticker but I didn’t. The guy said it wasn’t necessary, he didn’t need the tickets plus since it was so late he’d give us two days. We were supposed to get $4 off but I think it added up to almost $10! We got on the trolley and rode the entire route deciding to wait until tomorrow to go to specific places we were interested in. I do wish I could remember all the tour guide told us, even half of it. “Lily” was very knowledgeable to say the least.

After the ride we came on back to the campground. Since we will be leaving here and going to Raleigh to Bill Plemmons to leave the RV (more phone calls that took up our morning) we discussed whether to go straight to Raleigh on Wednesday or go half way and spend the night and go on into Raleigh on Thursday. Going to Raleigh on Wednesday and then to Kinston to a cold house seems a bit much to me but Jerry is the driver so I’ll let him make the decision.

Back at the rig we just rested a bit and then I cooked dinner: meatloaf in the convection and it was good and mashed, really mashed and lumpy potatoes and butter beans. A quiet evening. If it were summer we’d be outside walking around or reading or just meeting folks but it’s dark and cold so inside we are. Having only two slides isn’t so bad!


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