Home Away From Home

Off to Pigeon Forge

Got up Sunday morning around 7, had our coffee, showered, dressed and then began breaking down. We pulled out of Raleigh at 9:23 headed for the Tom Johnson campground in Marion. It’s a beautiful day although a little cool. The sun is behind us so that makes working on the computer easier. The bumpy road though is a problem. The cursor jumps all over the place. It will be interesting to re-read this after we get stopped for the evening. Since we are unfamiliar with the GPS in the coach we are using two – the Magellan on the coach and the Garmin. Garmin says we’ll arrive a little after 12:30 and the coach says an hour later. Don’t quite understand that but guess we’ll see who is correct.

Well we got to Marion only to discover that we couldn’t find the campground! We rode past Tom Johnson Camping Center but saw no campground and there was nowhere to turn around. Jerry just pulled off the road while we decided what to do. I called both numbers on the webpage but only got a recording saying they were closed on Sunday. I began “chatting” with Anna on the webpage but couldn’t make her understand that no, I didn’t have an appointment, that I was checking into the campground where I had made reservations a week earlier, that I didn’t have a vehicle that needed work, etc. She finally asked for my phone number and e-mail address and said she would look into the problem and get back to me. We made sandwiches and discussed the problem and decided that since it was only 125 miles to Pigeon Forge we’d go on. We turned the GPS on for Pigeon Forge and it continued us down the two lane road. We knew that there must be a four lane so we turned around to get back to Interstate 40. As we rode by Tom Johnson Camping I saw the campground in the very back but it was gated and we had no code so on to Pigeon Forge we went. I called Riverbend and they said we could come on in and if the office was closed to just go to Site 110 and check in in the morning.

We got back on 40 and headed toward Black Mountain. I sat in the floor and played with the GPS some more, learned a little more and avoided looking at where we were going! Black Mountain is tough to navigate. The ride was nice, mountainous but four lanes. We were getting low on gas and finally saw a sign for a Marathon. Thinking it would be an easy on and off we exited. It was not difficult but it was a couple of miles down the road. Jerry only got $60 worth because the pump was so slow. We took off again and then made the exit onto a double lane, curvy, oh my gosh it’ll take forever road. Many RVers say to stay off the four lanes and go on two lanes because there is so much more to see. Jerry does not agree! We finally got on a four lane and arrived at Riverbend around 5:30. I checked in and found they only take cash, check or debit – no credit cards. We went around to Site 110 and found it occupied so I went back to the office and she gave us a choice of several sites and said just to let her know which one we chose. We chose 93. It has a concrete pad, no trees but unfortunately I don’t think we’re going to be needing any shade this week as the forecast calls for a lot of rain.

We got set up and Jerry decided to grill the chicken we had thawed. We already had potato salad and I fixed some baked beans. I hate to say it because my next attempt may be a bust but my baked beans turned out good too. I am learning a bit more about the convection oven.

We ate outside on the picnic table. It was a very pleasant evening, just the right temperature. We are across from a stream and the sounds from that are so soothing. After dinner we walked around the park and then came in just before dark. I got on in bed because I wanted to watch the second installment of A.D. Hopefully I will be able to watch the rest of the show but I am not sure I will be able to watch the horrible cruelty inflicted. It is beyond comprehension to me.


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