Home Away From Home

Music in Downtown Nashville

    We do travel together!
We do travel together!
What a great night of sleep!  I only had cramps once and slept for about nine hour which is a record for me.  We got up, had our coffee and breakfast and left a little after 10:00 for the trolley ride at the train depot.  Our driver, Zach usually drives a trolley but his was getting some work done so we rode a red bus instead.  Actually that was better as it was quieter and we could hear him more clearly.  We had decided to take the entire tour and then start over and get off where we wanted to.  We got to see a lot of the city that way and quickly realized that we couldn’t see nearly what we wanted to.  It did point out the AT&T building which is commonly known as Bat Man since it looks like that.  We also had a very brief stop at the Court House for a photo opt.  Jerry and I finally got a picture taken of us together.

RCA Studio B
RCA Studio B
We got off at the Country Music Hall of Fame.  Our ticket included a tour of the RCA Studio B where many of the singers had gotten their start.  Chet Adkins was apparently the man in charge and he had many singers including Elvis Presley.  Elvis’ grand piano was there and we actually went in the recording studio where he recorded “Are You Lonesome Tonight” in the middle of the night.   That was when he liked to work.

After a brief bus ride back to the Country Music Hall of Fame we started that tour.  Interestingly enough you had to ride an elevator up to the second floor where the tour began.  A girl right in front of me said she couldn’t ride elevators and asked if there was an alternate entrance.  They sent her to the stairs and I went right along.  About the time we got to the stairs I realized that we didn’t have our audio so I had to turn around and go back to the ticket office to get them.  When I got back to the stairs the girl and her husband were waiting for me.  Lucky for me because we might never have found the beginning as we had entered at the exit.  I finally found Jerry and we started the tour.  It was really interesting, so much in fact that I may start listening to country music!  It lasted most of the afternoon and after going through the Hall of Fame we went to find the trolley.

I had realized after we initially got off of the trolley that I had lost my sunglasses.  I knew they could only be one of two places, either on the bus or where we had stopped to take pictures.  I went in the depot and asked about the bus and was told that it would be about 20 minutes before it came in.  We decided to wait and I’m glad we did.  Just a few minutes before the bus arrived the clerk from inside came out to tell us he was on the way and had my glasses!  I tipped him $5!

Heavy traffic going back but we were back at the campground a little after 5:00.  Jerry had planned to put the car on the dolly but there wasn’t enough room so he’ll have to do it tomorrow.  I came in and got started on dinner – meatloaf, peas, potato salad and warmed up cabbage.

After dinner we took a walk around the campground and finally got a picture of Jerry with Yogi.  While there we had a brief visit with a couple from Washington who were getting a pic with Yogi also.  They are full-timers and are on their way to Asheville and then on to Raleigh to see their daughter who lives in Cary.  They were asking us about camping at the fairgrounds as there are few campgrounds in the Raleigh area.  She was from South Africa. We only talked briefly but it was interesting.  We are meeting such interesting people on this trip and amazingly enough several full-timing couples.



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