Home Away From Home

Athens, Alabama to Rossville, Georgia

After a great night’s rest I got up about 6:30. I’m surprised that I slept so well after taking such a long nap yesterday but I must have been more tired than I thought. A rather uneventful morning getting everything ready to leave for Chattanooga. The ride thus far has been very calm – I started to say smooth but the highways have not been smooth! Somewhere along the line we pass over into Eastern Standard Time but we’re 46 miles from Rossville, Ga and it hasn’t happened yet. Although we’re touring Chattanooga we’re actually at a park in Rossville, Ga… Others have said it’s a nice park. Hope so and hope it has decent W-fi. US Cellular continues to be a problem so I’m more determined to look into Verizon when we get home or before our next long trip.

Holiday Travel Park of Chattanooga
Holiday Travel Park of Chattanooga
We got into Rossville a little after 1:00, missed the entrance to the campground, Holiday Travel Park of Chattanooga (Yes, the Holiday Park of Chattanooga is in Roswell, Georgia) so had to make a square turn, not a U-turn but several right turns. Checking in went quickly and we went to out assigned site, 117. Jerry got the outside, W,E,S hooked up and I leveled the rig and he realized that stepping out of the door would be a problem as there was a huge puddle of water right there. We walked to the office and asked to be reassigned so they moved us to 118. We got set up again and then ate a sandwich. Since the time change it’s an hour later so dinner is not that far away so tried not to eat too much. After lunch Jerry still was not satisfied about us being level so we spent a good while playing with the jacks. Finally about 3:30 he went to take the car off of the dolly and then wanted to ride somewhere. It’s so late I’m not sure we have enough time to go anywhere, at least anywhere I know about!

By the time I got outside Jerry was talking to the neighbors who interestingly enough are from Durham – my comment “oh, home”. We enjoyed chatting with them. They too will be here until Sunday. Today they had gone to a small town nearby that sells all of the unclaimed luggage from the airlines. They bought a small suitcase for $20. Sounds like it could be interesting. We visited for a while and then Jerry and I went to Walmart to get groceries. We had ribs on the grill for dinner tonight along with stewed potatoes, broccoli and sliced cucumbers in vinegar. Boy, were they good. After dinner we took a walk around the campground. It seems to be a nice place although they obviously have had a great deal of rain.

Worked on the blog tonight but know there’s a lot more to do to catch up. I ended up putting in the entries for Big Stone Gap but I’m sure they need some editing. Mary Ann called and we chatted for a while and then Trent called. A good evening.


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