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To Blog or Not to Blog!

When my husband and I started RVing about a year and a half ago I kept a very detailed daily journal of our travels mainly to help me remember each and every trip.  Quite frankly no one ever read it but me because I never shared it.  Sometime this spring I was introduced to a site where I could log our travels and I started transferring my entries to that site but quickly realized that my posts were indeed personal accounts of our days and were not just what we had done and seen and how we got there which was the purpose of that site.  In other words, the site was not created for journaling as I was doing it.  In seeking another venue I became reacquainted with Word Press and decided that blogging more aptly fit my end desire which is to share with family and friends while we are on the road.

As we plan our travels I refer to blogs written by other RVers to help me determine if we want to visit certain places.  Since their blogs often include places not found by googling “What to Do in …” we frequently visit places that we would otherwise have missed.  Hopefully I am not being optimistic in hoping that my blog will not only refresh my memory but may indeed help other RVers traveling down the road.



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