Home Away From Home

On the Way to Fancy Gap

On the road again – in the rain!  Last night when I asked Jerry what time we’d be leaving this morning he was very vague and said when we got up and got it together.  I also asked if we were going to walk and again he was pretty vague.  I got up about 6:15, got coffee and  started up the computer.  I like to check the bank statement just before we leave to make sure all is OK and all bills paid, etc. I was waiting for Jerry to mention walking when suddenly I heard the shower.  Then I knew we were goiong to up and out shortly.  It’s amazing that we packed nearly everything yesterday plus had the car on the dolly and it still took up until nearly 8:00 to pull out, then we had to stop for gas at Hess.   I’m surely glad we did do everything yesterday as it started to sprinkle as we wewre making the last two trips to the coach and then by the time we got out of the Briary it was pouring!  By Goldsboro it was harsh lightning and thundering.

I really think California should hire us because we could probably end the drought.  We haven’t taken many trips when it didn’t rain continuously and often.  Oh well – might get some good rest.

Almost  10:00 and we’re bypassing Raleigh and the sun is shinning!   Yea!

We stopped for about an hour at Southpointe and did a little shopping.  I left Jerry in the rig trying to locate the knocking that we kept hearing.  I went in and just as I was finishing Jerry walked in the store.  He had bought an ice cream freezer at Sear but said he’d go wander around Sears some more until I was done.  I completed my shopping and sent him a text that I was done.  I didn’t hear from him so I walked toward Sears hoping I’d meet him on the way.  I didn’t.  Finally after another text and call I went on to the coach.  I had something to drink and then called again.  By this time I was getting a bit nervous wondering if something had happened.  I finally decided to try to find him.  Just as I was walking across the parking lot pondering having the mall make an announement for him I saw him walking out of Sears.  Whew!  He had the sound turned off on his phone and never saw my texts or heard my calls.  He was wondering what I was doing!  Glad to see my sweet husband.

We left SouthPointe about 11:30 planning to eat lunch at a rest area a bit further down however neither of us was hungry so we kept going.  It was an easy drive until… we got to Mt. Airy and had 14 miles to Fancy Gap.  It was a curvy road probably about  6 grade.  Since it was so curvy he could never get any speed going so the rig went in overdrive A LOT!  We made it though!

KOA Fancy Gap/Blue Ridge is just off of the Blue Ridge Parkway and seems to be a great campground.  Staff in the office were very nice and escorted us to our site, #54.  Leveling was interesting – it’s difficult on gravel in the mountains but we finally took it off of auto and did it ourselves.

While the coach was cooling down we jumped in the car and rode off to find some peaches for ice cream.  When we came back Jerry was crashing so he took a 20 minute nap and then we went swimming in the campground pool.  It’s been a long time since I swam in a pool and it was great.  I told Jerry that we needed one at the river!  Right!  It would be nice!

After we went swimming we came by, ate chips and dip at the picnic table and then took showers.  Then reading outside in the lounge chair.  The weather is perfect.  It’s nice and cool, not too cool though and just perfect for being outside.

The day wound down with our usual first night dinner, spaghetti and after dinner walk was canceled due to rain –  not unusual.  I got ready for head but heard Jerry puttering around in the kitchen.  He was making peach ice cream.  Yummy delicious.  I knew I shouldn’t eat any that close to bedtime but no way was I missing that.  It didn’t bother me a bit.  I slept like a lamb and only woke up a couple of times to hear the rain gently falling on the roof.  Since our Newmar insulation is very good we rarely hear rain falling so instead of the gentle rain I heard it must have been raining pretty hard.  No matter – it didn’t bother me.


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