Home Away From Home

Williamsburg – 2015

Oh my – thought our next trip would be in September to the Finger Lakes.  Nope, we’re headed to Williamsburg .  When the kids call and want to include you in a trip to Bush Gardens with the grands all other things become unimportant!  We have stayed at American Heritage Campground in Williamsburg before and although it’s a bit pricey I again made our plans to stay there. It’s a nice campground and close to everything. Our younger grandson Britt has a birthday on Thursday morning and as soon as that is over we’ll get on the road headed to Virginia.  Hopefully we can tour Yorktown Friday before the kids arrive and then it’s Bush Gardens on Saturday.  Not sure if Sunday will be more touring or recuperation!

We had planned to put the car on the dolly before we left to go to Britt’s birthday party but it had rained the day before so the ground was too wet to attempt that.  After a memorable party – it was a construction theme which was very appropriate as Britt loves anything to do with construction and best of all – the cake needed construction.  It appeared that the bakery thought the party was a day later so they were just baking the cake when Holly went to pick it up.  The layers were hot when they started icing it so naturally they begin to slide and by the end of the party it wasn’t just lopsided anymore!  Just made a memory!  Anyway, we headed on home and began the last minute details before leaving.  We pulled out a little after 1:00 and four hours later pulled into American Heritage, a pretty uneventful ride.  Interestingly enough, gas is now cheaper in North Carolina than Virginia.

After setting up we had a quick dinner.  I had fixed country style steak the day before and we had some leftover butter beans so all I had to do was prepare the rice.  I always try to have a very simple meal on our night of arrival because you never know what may cause delays.  Fortunately today went well but it was still nice to have a nice meal with little preparation.  I think I may prepare country style steak again and freeze it for future trips.  It’ll be a nice change from the usual spaghetti we usually have upon arrival.


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