Home Away From Home

Troubles Getting on the Road

An Interesting Day

With plans to leave from the Finger Lakes from the NC State Championship Horse Show on Sunday we hopefully made all the preparations for the 18 day trip before leaving Raleigh on Tuesday bound for Raleigh.  We had pretty much packed everything in the motor home so Tuesday morning started off with hair appointments for both of us.  I got home a little after 12 and we had lunch and finished up last minute things.  I had hoped to leave by 1:00 or 1:30.

The first hint of a problem came when Jerry asked me where the keys to the RV were.  Well, of course I didn’t know.  We finally determined that as a safety precaution against anyone stealing it we had (at my suggestion) taken the keys out of the RV before we left for the river.  I vaguely remember putting them on the bar in the kitchen.  We searched the house, the motor home and both cars to no avail.  Fortunately we have a duplicate set and when we get to Raleigh we will have a triplicate set because Jerry said he was not taking off to New York with just one set of keys!

Amidst the heat we took off at 1:24.  About 5 miles from home Jerry asked me if I had taken his clothes out of the dryer.  Since I hadn’t put them in I had forgotten about them.  In all honesty I had briefly thought about them but didn’t act on that thought immediately so it was gone!  He finally decided that he only had one pair of jeans with him so we turned around and went back home.  We went in to get the clothes and to continue to look for the keys.  We didn’t find them!  I really can’t imagine where they are and I’m quite sure we’ll be very surprised when we do find them.

We finally got going again at 1:47 and had a very uneventful trip to the showgrounds.  Then the frustration began.  It usually takes us about 30 minutes or less to unhook the car and completely set up the motor home.  First, Jerry forgot to put on his heavy shirt so he scraped his arm again when unhooking the chains.  After backing the RV into Site 19 he hooked up the electricity but waited until we got level to do the rest.  Little did we know that leveling would be so difficult?  We “leveled” it, pulled out the slides and I commented that it was not level so then we tried to do it manually.  It just wouldn’t level so we put the slides in and tried again.  We kept getting an “excessive slope” message.  Jerry put blocks under the sides, took blocks out, moved them around, etc. and I kept hitting the auto level button.  After he came in we played with the manual buttons a bit and got it as level as it’s going to be.  The bathroom door won’t stay open and I’m sure we’ll be even more unlevel as the week progresses as they are expecting rain plus we’re on graveled dirt.  Oh well.  To say that Jerry was a hot and frustrated camper would be a great understatement!

Met Billy and Becky for dinner at the Bistro and then they came back to see the rig.  Mary Ann came over and we visited for a while and then set the thermostat down to 64 degrees and bedtime!  The bedroom TV only has local channels on an antenna so no TV for the night.  Wi-Fi is poor to none so no podcasts for the night.  Oh well, I eventually went to sleep!


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