Home Away From Home

On to Mt. Morris, New York

We spent a quiet night in Gettysburg at the Artillery Ridge Campground – no TV and limited Internet.  We both turned in pretty early.  It was a cool night and we never turned on the air condition but still slept well.  Of course it could have something to do with exhaustion.  I didn’t sleep well Saturday night and although Jerry did he also drove 496 miles yesterday with only short breaks.

Still cool and beautiful in Gettysburg. Turned on the fireplace for the first time this fall. We pulled out at 8:47.  The lady in the office told me the route to the Finger Lakes was easier going through Harrisburg.  Interestingly enough the Clarion GPS has us driving 20 miles less and arriving 30 minutes later than the Garmin.  I can’t figure out the difference although I think it might have something to do with the settings.  Although it’s a cool day it’s sunny without a cloud in the sky.

As we drove along the beautiful Susquehanna River at a stretch called Dauphin Narrows I spotted a statue in the river that looked a lot like the Statue of Liberty. After our arrival I googled it and it is indeed a white replica of the Statue and can really only be seen from the highway unless unless you’re brave enough to ford the treacherous waters.  Amazing!

10:01 stop for gas in Duncannon – gas is $2.27 – more expensive than NC but cheaper than NY – 61 degrees – beginning to see subtle changes in the color of the trees – very breezy

As we drove through Pennsylvania we saw some interesting signs:  High DUI Crash Area; Watch for Aggressive Drivers; Watch for Amish; Don’t Tailgate; Orange Detour, Red Detour, Blue Detour.  By the time we got in New York we saw numerous signs indicating places to stop to text.  We’re not in Kansas anymore Dorothy!

Just after crossing the New York state line we stopped for lunch about 1:20 finishing up the pimento cheese.  After a quick 20 minute lunch we headed on to Mount Morris arriving just before 3:00.  Again the two GPS’s gave us different directions but this time we decided to go with the Garmin since we know the Clarion will send us on narrow, not RV friendly roads.  From what the lady at the check in told me going with Garmin was a good choice.

We were checked in The Ridge Campground by 3:00 but setting up took longer than usual.  This is the first pull in that is not a pull through that we’ve ever used.  I feel backwards but the view out of the front window and to the side is beautiful.  Leveling has gotten to be quite a challenge as we keep getting an “excessive slope” message.  We used the auto level and got it pretty level and then continue manually until we think it’s livable.  Parking on gravel makes it more difficult.  Let’s hope it doesn’t rain!

While the oven was pre-heating we went on a walk around the campground.  It appears that most of the campers are seasonal with very few travelers.  I really prefer staying in a campground that has more travelers as we meet more people.  Haven’t talked to anyone here.

There is no cable but after two phone calls to Dish Jerry was able to connect the satellite so he can watch the football games tonight.

Warmed up the hamburgers from Saturday evening and fixed some french fries.  A good meal for a traveling day.  Planning to go to Letchworth State Park tomorrow.


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