Home Away From Home

Off to Canada for a Day

Left about 9:15 for Niagara Falls. The Garmin GPS would not pick up the route to the Canadian side even though I changed the country from USA to Canada. We finally just put in Niagara Falls, NY and decided we could find the way over once we got there. Gypsy says it will take us nearly 2 hours to get to the NY side. It’s a cloudless sunny day, a good day for traveling. When we left Batavia we entered a toll highway, the first toll we’ve encountered since we left home. Instead of initially paying you pay when you get off. Guess the rate is determined by the length of travel. Don’t know. It was $1.45 and then another just before we reached Niagara Falls for $1.00.

We missed the exit for the Rainbow Bridge and ended up in a $10 parking lot but fortunately they let us right out and gave us directions to the Bridge. FYI – if you miss the turn for the Rainbow Bridge you’re in big trouble! We were lost! We asked a postal employee who gave us very vague information and then asked a security guard who gave us the final directions. It’s not hard, we just missed the turn. Upon entering Canada we were asked where we were from, where we were going, if we had alcohol, tobacco or firearms and if we left them in the RV. He also asked me to take off my sunglasses.

We finally made it to Niagara Falls paying $18 for parking. We walked on over to the Falls Walkway and wow – they are just as majestic as I remember, perhaps more.


The obvious display of power is almost overwhelming. We walked in the gift shop where I looked for a magnet and Jerry looked for a t-shirt. I did find a magnet but he didn’t see a t-shirt that he liked.

We were getting hungry so we decided to go on to Niagara on the Lake for a picnic and then … the trouble began. It seems that Gypsy doesn’t do too well in Canada. I changed the country setting to Canada but still could never get it to work. It kept telling us to go on the road ahead but never told us what road it was. It also said to take Route 420 but didn’t tell us how to get to 420. We just sort of wandered in the direction that we thought we ought to go and viola – there was a sign directing us to Niagara on the Lake. As we were riding in things began to look familiar. We saw the winery we visited on an earlier trip and then we even found the street where the B&B we had stayed in was located. We turned down and there it was looking like it did the last time we saw it. I wonder if the same people own it. (They don’t.)

We rode on in to the main street and instead of going right to the business section we went left looking for a park. We found a nice place on Lake Ontario to have lunch. There was a gentle breeze and I was almost cool. What a lovey place for lunch!

Afterward we drove down through the business section and both of us kept saying “I remember that”! We wandered around for about an hour and then headed to the car. It was getting really hot by then. That’s when the real trouble began.

Wandering around Canada with no GPS is not fun. We had no idea where we were nor how to go anywhere as we had no frame of reference. I don’t know how long we rode around before Jerry finally saw a sign indicating the USA Bridge. The signs in Canada are not too big! I hadn’t even noticed it – glad he did! I had expected customs to be a be more difficult because people say entering back into the United States takes more time but it didn’t.


The fellow asked where we were from, where we were going, if we had bought anything and then said “Go Pack” and sent us on our way. I had remarked earlier to Jerry that this was the first time he’d ever worn a State shirt and gotten no comment from anyone. We finally left Canada about 3:45 headed back to Mt. Morris for our last night arriving just a bit after 6:00. Having prepared meals at home before the trip has been so nice. We had country style steak tonight so all I had to do was prepare rice and a veggie.

We didn’t get to do everything I wanted while in Mt. Morris but we did some things I hadn’t planned on, like going to Canada! It’s been a nice visit to this part of western New York.


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