Home Away From Home

Lost in a Potato Field

Off to Watkins Glen KOA which is only 97 miles from here via Naples where we hope to make brief stops at Arbor Hill Vineyard and Wohleschlegel’s Naples Maple Farm both in Naples.  At least we think so!  Got a lazy and slow start.  I think when I told Jerry it was only 87 miles from Mt. Morris to Watkins Glen he decided to take it slow.  As he was breaking down he discovered that the leak that has supposedly been repaired twice was not.  It’s leaking again.  😦

A lesson in what NOT to do!  Do not plan tours on the way to the next destination.  Tour only when in a car, not when driving the motor home and towing the car.  We never made it to the two places we’d planned but we did see some very rural countryside and briefly chatted with a very helpful couple.  When the two GPS’s send you on divergent routes and you lose cell service (Go US Cellular) and you are not sure of the correct addresses because you depended on your information written and saved in your Dropbox and of course you cannot access Internet you the end up in a very rural area with narrow dirt roads and eventually in the middle of a potato field.  Lost!  We did eventually see a sign for Wohleschlegel’s but it was on a dirt road so we kept going thinking things would get better.  They didn’t!   We finally just stopped as Jerry had to go to the bathroom and we were sure there would not be another car.  I decided to get out and take a picture of where not to go in an RV and wouldn’t you know, a car approached.  We pulled up a bit and they turned on another lane – yes lane because that’s what we were on.  I got out and walked over to them and asked them if they were as lost as we were.  Actually they were from the area and were taking their dogs out for a run.  They chatted with us a bit.  As the husband was advising Jerry where to go the wife was talking to me.  Because of last year’s brutal winter they are headed south this year.  They are Christians and they try to find ministry opportunities wherever they travel.  They advised us on the way out of the field which was actually a circle.  50 miles later and an hour and a half later we are on the road to Watkins Glen.  The two planned visits will have to wait.  By the way, I later saw this direct quote from the Wohleschlegel’s website site “Do not set your GPS for Coates Road as it will send you to a potato field!”  No cell service though so no website!

Yep, the middle of a potato field!

I mentioned to Jerry that we would be going right by Corning Glass so he said we should stop since it was on the way and not out of the way. Apparently he felt we could do it and not get too lost.  We parked in the parking lot and had a quick sandwich in the RV and then headed over to the Visitor’s Center.  After browsing there a few minutes we took a shuttle bus over to Corning.

The first part of the museum that we visited was Contemporary Art and Design Galleries.   There were definitely some very unique pieces there.  We ambled on and ended up in the Amphitheater for the Hot Shop Demo.  That was very interesting.  There were two narrators, one who spoke in English and one who spoke in Mandarin.  A young lady with 13 years of experience demonstrated making a lovely fluted vase while the narrators explained what she was doing.  They do not sell anything they make in the demonstrations but do give a couple of pieces away at the end of the program.  This demonstration was very different from what we saw when we were in Louisville but then Corning is working with very sophisticated equipment.

Next we wandered around the second floor where displays told the history of glass making.  We watched a young man make a small fish using the fireworking method.  We also saw a glass breaking demonstration where a lady explained the make-up of the various glasses and the fragility or sturdiness of various glasses.

By the time it was getting close to 4:00.  The admission is for two consecutive days so we decided to come on to the campground and get settled.  This was a very different check-in.  A guy met us at the entrance asking if we had reservations.  Since we did he led us to our site and told us to register after getting set up.  We have a level site, Wi-Fi and cable – yes, it’s more expensive than usual but we are level for the first time in a week and a half!  Also we have a lovely cement patio with a lamppost and a hanging basket.  Perfect for sitting outside and I can’t wait!

After we got the basics done we went to the grocery store.  We had decided to grill pork chops but when we got back we were so tired we decided that a turkey sandwich sounded good.  A few minutes later though I said I’d cook so we ended up with the pork chops.

After dinner since it was so very nice outside we took a brief stroll around our area of the campground.  We are actually in the newest and nicest section, Sunset Acres.  There are many amenities here including a heated pool and a hot tub.  Hopefully I can talk Jerry into a dip or two.  Apparently this is a destination KOA because you could stay here and be entertained for some time and never have to leave the campground.


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