Home Away From Home

Plans Awry!

Just a quick update. Yes, our tour of Louisiana was supposed to start in Vidalia/Natchez but when I called the campground which is located right on the Mississippi she suggested that I change the route of our trip. The Mississippi is supposed to hit flood stage about the time we were scheduled to arrive so I began to reverse our route. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Not so much! I realized that instead of ending with New Orleans we would begin with NO so I had to figure out how to get there. After many more hours on the computer I finally determined our route. Our first stop will be in Swansea, SC then on to Hope Hull, Al and then New Orleans. Dividing the trip into thirds ensures that Jerry won’t be driving any marathon days. As I kept working on the trip I’d ask him if he could drive 400 miles or 450 or 375, etc. thus finally deciding on the first stop as Swansea. Hopefully we will not arrive in New Orleans exhausted from the drive!

Home Away From Home

Planning, Planning, Planning

Well, I think we have decided that our next trip will be a tour of the state of Louisiana.  We had earlier decided that we would initially try to tour an entire state or at least the highlights of one state for each trip.  Since our next trip will be in January we knew we had to head south.  With that determined I began to research tourism in Louisiana.  I have already spent hours on the computer visiting the various Louisiana sites and have learned a lot.  I finally realized though that I needed some help from someone with knowledge of the state so I quickly posted on two RV sites and immediately the suggestions began to roll in.

A week later and the research begins in earnest now.  Christmas is over and the departure date is looming so it’s time for plans to become more permanent.  I do wish we could just take off and randomly travel each day but we are definitely not seasoned enough for that.  We have often been called “fly by the seat of your pants folks” but when it comes to RV traveling we pretty much have a plan nailed down.

I’ve got the route to our first stop, Vidalia determined.  We’ll only be traveling a little more than 300 miles each day because I do want to be settled in our campground each day before dark.  I have found a couple of Corps of Engineer parks that are opened year around so hopefully we’ll be able to take advantage of those.