Home Away From Home

On to Swansea, SC – or not!

Well today started off early enough! I woke up at 5:00 and realized that I would not be be able to go back to sleep so after thanking the Lord for waking me for another day and prayers for Les and Ivy I decided to get on up and get busy. I had planned to make potato salad last night to go along with the spare ribs that will be cooking as we ride along but I was really a bit tired after a hurry up and wait day so that task was not done. My thoughts this morning – what better time. Jerry was still soundly sleeping and since he will do the bulk of the driving today I let him sleep. I fixed the potato salad and also cooked some peas. I also got the ribs ready to go in the crockpot and I’ll put them in about 1:00 so when we get to the campground our dinner will be nearly ready.

Our first stop on the journey was supposed to be Swansea, SC but Jerry quickly realized that we’d be arriving there around 1:00 so I began to look for a better stop. I used the Good Sam’s route planner and the hard copy map and finally came up with Perry, Ga making it about a 500 mile day. Not what we had planned but the weather is nice (cold but not bothering us), sunny and the drive is all interstate so easy driving. I called the campground and made a reservation. Fortunately I had not made a reservation in Swansea. In fact, we only have reservations at one campground for the entire trip. Living a little dangerously for me!

The campground we are planning to stay at tonight is Fair Harbor RV Park and interestingly enough it’s the one we’re hoping to stay at for the FMCA rally in March. At this point we’re on the waiting list.

Trying to type or read or catch up on social media not to mention cross stitch is absolutely impossible on I95 in South Carolina. I can always tell when we cross the state line because the road deteriorates rapidly. Perhaps that’s why gas is so much less in South Carolina. I’m not sure who pays for the upkeep of an interstate though. As I was trying to do spell check I realized that a sentence that I had put in the third paragraph suddenly appeared in the first paragraph. Like I say, bumpy, bumpy, bumpy and the cursor jumping everywhere.
It’s been a quiet morning. We stopped in Latta just before 10:30 and gassed up and took a potty break and were on the road in less than 15 minutes. The Flying J at Latta has the easiest access and egress of any station that we have been to. It has a special lane for RV’s and fortunately one can get regular gas there. So often the RV lanes are diesel only. Jerry is listening to an audio book and I am trying to read amid the bumps. Yuk!

Kept riding along with little traffic and easy driving. Stopped at a rest stop in Walterboro, SC for lunch. We had put a turkey breast in the crock pot yesterday in preparation for sandwiches so today we had delicious turkey with lettuce and banana peppers and a little Hellman’s mayo! Great meal. We were only stopped about 25 minutes since we knew we had 2-3 hours left. Perry was a bit further than we had planned to go but it’s doable. It’s not something I want to routinely do especially on the first day of travel but it worked for us today. Now we have to decide whether to stop along the way to New Orleans or get up early and have another long day of travel. Basically it’s up to Jerry as he’s the driver!
Getting to Perry was a bit more difficult than we thought and took a little longer as we ran into road construction and a two lane road. FullSizeRenderWe arrived at Fair Harbor RV Park about 5:00 and had an easy check-in. They invited us to join them for Bingo at 7:00 but I knew Jerry would be tired after such a long drive.
We got in and set up very quickly. Jerry did not hook up the septic since we’re only here for a night and I don’t know if that made the difference in the set up time but boy it was quick. We finished unpacking and made the bed and then had a nice dinner. I had used the crockpot with a liner and wow that does that made cleanup easier.
After dinner we did walk up to the office and joined the bingo game. I didn’t do very well, in fact someone suggested I change cards but I had fun. The last game was covering the entire card and Jerry covered both of his! He won $26.50. We paid $6 to play and $35 for the night so with his winnings I guess the night only cost us $20. Pretty good! It’s a nice park and I hope we can get in for the FMCA rally.
I worked on the computer a bit trying to find a place to stay tomorrow night. Jerry wants to split the drive but halfway between Perry and New Orleans are NO parks. We may end up in Mobile – we’ll see!


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