Home Away From Home

New Orleans Bound

Since we were only about 130 miles from New Orleans and we couldn’t check into the park until 12:00 we slept in and then took our time getting ready to leave.  We ended up visiting with our neighbors who were from Nebraska and arrived late yesterday afternoon driving a 2014 Canyon Star.  We ended up comparing floor plans.  They had gotten the one with the L-shaped sofa but had ended up replacing it with a sofa that fit their needs better.  This was their fourth Newmar!

We pulled out about 10:00, stopped a little after 11:00 and gassed up at Flying J at $1.55 a gallon.  With our discounts it ended up being about $1.47.  Wow – that does make traveling easier!

After traveling through Mississippi we entered Louisiana around noon and stopped at the Louisiana Tourism Center.  They were very helpful and we got LOTS of brochures of things to do and see.

We arrived at Jude RV Park around 1:00 and very quite dismayed initially.  It was certainly not what we expected to say the least.  In fact, we were not even sure we were going to stay at all much less for five nights.  It is located in inner city New Orleans as are several others.  One next door got a 10 rating while this got a 7.5.  I was very disappointed when I realized that the hot tub that I was so looking forward to is outside and it is just a bit cool for that!  Jerry got out and walked around and we decided to stay for two nights.  Check in was very easy and the owner was extremely nice.  In fact she gave me three oranges that they are picked off of their trees in the back of the park.  Who knew they had oranges in Louisiana?

We got set up and then had lunch.  Although I was chomping at the bit to ride around a bit Jerry just wanted to be quiet for a few minutes.  Suddenly other big rigs started coming in and things began to look a little better.  After doing some research I realized that we were expecting way too much for our location and we decided to go on and register for five nights.

We then rode into the city itself.  Our destination was the Garden District.  Since it was raining we only rode around rather than walking around.  The houses are palatial to say the least and very colorful.  Some were obvious shotgun houses.  We rode by Archie Manning’s house.  I can’t quite imagine Peyton and Eli growing up there!

Then – we rode down Bourbon Street.  Wow, this little country come to the city girl had her mouth agape the entire time.  I told Jerry that we probably had tourist stamped across our foreheads and he assured me that no one could see it because my eyebrows were so arched in shock.  We did see some strange sites!

After a visit to the local Winn-Dixie we came back to the rig for a quiet evening of pizza and reading.  The park’s cable doesn’t seem to be working with our TV’s so until we get the dish set up we only have limited channels.  That’s OK because neither of us watch much anyway.  The biggest problem is that the Internet is either slow or non-existent.  Oh well!



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