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Krewe of Slidellians Parade

I woke up early this morning and was glad to see the sun shining. We had quite the thunder storm and rain last night – guess it was the cold front coming in. We had a slow morning as the only thing on tap was attending the parade in Slidell. Although the parade started at 1:00 we were advised to leave the campground by 10:30 to be sure to get a good spot to watch it. We actually left a bit after 10:00. We followed the directions from the GPS and went directly to where the parade was going to start. We saw a lady with “Parade Management” on her shirt so we pulled over and asked for recommendations on what to do. She told us to park at the beginning of the parade where we would be able to quickly leave after the parade was over and gave us directions to get there.

We parked and it was only 11:00 so we decided to leave the chairs in the car and go in search of coffee. We ended up at Speck’s Eatery where we both had good coffee and shared a breakfast. Jerry had an omelet with Patten sausage which was good and hot. Hopefully we can find some in the grocery store. I shared his grits and they were delicious too.

We went back to the car and got the chairs and then found a good spot to view the parade.

Jerry waiting for the parade to start.
Jerry waiting for the parade to start.
Two couples, one local and one from Atlanta sat next to us and we enjoyed visiting with them. They ended up giving me lots of beads for the grands although I had many, many, many! The street we were on was four lanes with a middle lane and just before the parade began people began to set up chairs in the very middle! The parade started promptly at 1:00 and lasted an hour and a half. It was very family oriented, lots of children dancing and lots of horses. We also saw a spotted saddlebred. There were several floats and folks throwing out beads, cups, toys, candy, etc. It was a beautiful day, sunny and not too cool.
Do you think we have enough beads?
Do you think we have enough beads?

When we left the parade we decided to return to the French Quarter to go to the French Market. Finding a parking place was almost impossible and it took us a good while to locate one a few blocks away. The streets were crowded but we didn’t see the spectacles that we saw last evening. We bought a King Cake and then walked down to a shop we had visited yesterday and bought some pralines. A walk back to the car and fortunately Jerry knew where it was! Since we hadn’t planned dinner we stopped at the local Winn Dixie and bought some baking potatoes and salad ingredients. As we walked out we realized that the store had an armed guard. Wow! We quickly got in the car and returned to the campground.

Spent the evening washing and drying clothes and just resting after a busy and full but good day. Tomorrow we are planning to visit Mardi Gras World and then prepare for leaving on Tuesday headed for Convent to spend a few days visiting plantations. I think that will be more our speed. Jerry and I have both decided that we don’t really enjoy visiting large cities as much although we surely enjoyed Memphis and Chattanooga and even the attractions that we visited in Nashville. New Orleans is a different city seemingly made up of extremes. The Garden District is beautiful and would have been a good way to end our trip with good memories. I’ve heard that it’s a city that you either love or hate.

After dinner we shared our King Cake. We only ate half of it but did not find the baby! Guess that’s for tomorrow. Again we’re calling it an early night. For some reason neither of us can acclimate to the time change. By the time we do we’ll probably be back on Eastern time!


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