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More Louisiana Plantations – Oak Alley and Laura

We got a rather late start in part because Jerry slept really late. In fact he said that he didn’t want a sleep number bed anywhere else because he would surely be sleeping a lot! The other delay occurred because I apparently failed to turn on the hot water heater and we didn’t discover that until I got ready to take a shower. Oh well – we finally turned on the propane and that heated the water fairly quickly.

I had wanted to get an early start because the weather forecast indicated rain was on the way but we still ended up leaving the coach about 10:30, not too bad.

Our first stop was Oak Alley Plantation. Riding by the front and looking up the walk is absolutely breathtaking. The walkway is lined with fourteen live oaks on each side with the house at the end.

The trees are huge!
The trees are huge!
It is quite simply beautiful. One would think that the trees were planted to lead up to the house but actually the trees were planted first and then the house was placed so as to be at the top of them. The trees are over 200 years old and most of them are pretty big. A couple have been struck by lightning and were noticeably smaller but the whole effect is stunning.

When we went in we walked around the yards and looked at two of the four slave cabins. One was the sick cabin where slaves went when they were ill. Two of the other slaves looked after them and if they were unable to cure them they were sent to the doctor who was very successful at amputating limbs meaning he amputated a lot!

The tour of the home was very nice and the house is lovely with period furnishings throughout. There are only three or four of the original pieces and they are denoted by a green ribbon. We only noticed one, a cradle. One very interesting room was used either as a sick room or a funeral room. The mirrors were covered with black netting indicating that a death had occurred. Since there were no funeral homes at that time people would like in-state in the house, thus the room.

After the tour we were getting hungry so we went to the restaurant on the grounds. We just got appetizers, gator bites and fish strips. The gator bites were a bit rubbery but the fish which we were told was catfish was absolutely the best fish I’ve ever eaten!

Drop dead delicious!
Drop dead delicious!
Who would have thought? I also ordered sweet tea sweetened with mint syrup. Unfortunately it wasn’t very good to me so I stuck with the water. We finished up the sweet bread pudding covered with raspberry rum syrup. Oh my goodness – it was so delicious.

Laura Plantation
Laura Plantation
Our next stop was the Laura Plantation, a Creole Plantation. The house was simple and built in typical Creole fashion. The guide was the most energetic tour guide we’ve had giving a very realistic picture of life within the plantation over the years.

After that visit we headed to the local Cabella’s store. Jerry had talked to Gary last night and Gary told him that he had help set up the store and had worked on all of the animals and boy there are a lot of them there! Quite a display.

Back to the coach about 6:30. I was still full from our lunch so we put the spaghetti sauce we had planned on having tonight in the fridge to save for tomorrow night. Caught up on organizing pictures and then a little TV and bed. Tomorrow is another day.


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