Home Away From Home

Abbeville, Louisiana

A Day of Rest

This has been a slow day even though we moved from Gonzales to Abbeville. I had hoped to leave by 9:30 or 10:00 and we actually pulled out before then. The drive was quite easy, all four lane. I had heard that traffic around Baton Rouge could be heavy but we had no problem. As we crossed over the bridge we could see where we had walked earlier in the week.

We checked into Betty’s RV Park and she told us about some Cajun music being played in the afternoon in Erath and also invited us to the daily Happy Hour at 4:30. Since we had nothing to take to the Happy Hour I ran to the grocery store to pick up some meatballs while Jerry stayed in the coach and tried to pull State to victory over Duke. If only we could have played one half!

After the game we rode over to Erath to find the music but we couldn’t find it. We did see a bar with loud music but declined to go there. We came on back to the campground and I fiddled with the Wi-Fi booster trying to get it to work and also looked for a lost letter. How in the world can someone loose something in a 40’ RV is beyond me but I have done it! I keep looking but to no avail at this point.

Happy Hour supposedly starts at 4:30 but it was after 5:00 before we saw people heading over. We sampled the meatballs and they just weren’t good so we opted not to take them. We headed over empty handed and just joined in the fun. We met several nice people, two from Brevard, North Carolina, a couple from Texas, a couple from Indiana and a couple from Washington State. We just sat around and talked about the various places to visit and mostly the various places to eat! We got lots of suggestions and I finally took out my iPhone and started taking notes. It looks like it’s going to be a friendly week with lots of opportunities to meet people. We were invited out to join some of the group for lunch tomorrow but I expect that we’ll be touring if things are opened on Sunday.

We came on back to the rig and ate a bit and then had a quiet night.


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