Home Away From Home

Another Day of Rest

Although we didn’t plan it today became a day of rest. After a fairly normal late start we knew we needed to go to the grocery store to buy some more meatballs for the Happy Hour tonight. Jerry wanted to go to Walmart as he knew he could get some good meatballs there so I did a search and found the local store and off we went. He had also decided to make a cheese ball later in the week so needed to get some ingredients for that.

We came on back to the coach and put the meatballs in the crock pot and then took off for Vermilionville via the grocery store. We stopped at Robie’s but they didn’t have what he needed so we went across town to the Winn Dixie and got what he needed. By this time it was after 12:00 and we decided that we’d try to prolong our stay by one night and get an extra day of touring in and just use today to rest and watch football. I called Betty and we extended our stay. That determined we decided to join four of our new friends at River Front Restaurant for lunch. Jerry got shrimp and grits that he said for delicious and I got stacked crab and crawfish which was also delicious. Apparently River Front burned some time ago and they are in the process of building at a new site and should be opened soon. However, for the time being they remain at the original site. As we were leaving we met a waitress with a tray of food and realized that the cooking was being done outside in a trailer! You do what you have to do!

After we left we went back to Robie’s to get cayenne pepper – yes, if you’re counting that was our fourth grocery story today! Jerry also got a King Cake and boy is it sweet. I had one little piece but I doubt I’ll be eating anymore of it.

Jerry was not feeling well so he got on the sofa with a blanket and the football game, possibly a nap. One of the nice parts of RVing is the flexible schedule. Since we had extended our stay one day we didn’t feel the urgency to get out and tour today.

Oh, the good news – while we were eating lunch I told them about losing a letter in a 40 foot rig and someone asked if I had looked under the sofa cushions. Well no, I had not because I was sure it couldn’t be there but when we got back I looked anyway and don’t you know – there it was! I have absolutely no idea how it got there but if I can hold on to it long enough I’ll get it in the mail tomorrow along with a card for Jane for her birthday.

A lazy Sunday afternoon – Jerry watching football, me reading, meatballs cooking, popcorn and root beer on tap.

About 4:30 I walked over to the Happy Hour while Jerry stayed in and watched the playoffs for the Super Bowl. There were more people there tonight and it was such fun. Obviously some of these people have known each other for a long time. One couple told me they’d been coming here for 7 years and this is only reservation they make. Dan apparently plays banjo or some instrument and was insistent that we stay until Sunday so we could attend some of the jam sessions. He said they needed a keyboardist and he had a keyboard I could use. We’ve extended our stay here one day but I don’t see us staying until Sunday. I told him he’d have to talk to Jerry tomorrow night at Happy Hour. He and his wife are full timers and work with Habitat for Humanity. When RVing we are privileged to meet so many fascinating people

In about 8:00 and watched the end of the Panthers-Cardinals game. Go Panthers!


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