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Cajun Music

We spent the day getting ready to leave tomorrow for Colfax. We have sort of gotten into a routine or getting the coach cleaned and all clothes and linens washed on the last day of a park stay. That makes the next leg easier so we spent the morning dusting, vacuuming, washing clothes, just the normal clean up. Actually it doesn’t take that long to do it. It’s a lot easier than cleaning a house! Afterward Jerry got the car cleaned out. Things have really accumulated in there during the last two weeks so he got that cleaned and organized. Then we just stood outside in the sunny 70 degree weather and visited with a couple of the guys in the park, one from Oklahoma and one from North Carolina.

On Saturday afternoons in this area they have Cajun music. One week it’s held in Erath and then one week at Tuchet’s or as the sign says “2 √’s”. The only visitors or tourists there were the folks from Betty’s RV and they acknowledged us. This was our first exposure to real Cajun music and I must say it’s like nothing I’ve ever heard before. Most of the time the singer was singing in French so we didn’t understand a lot of it. It was very informal and various people walked on the stage and sang and played at different times. They had a variety of instruments including guitars, a fiddle, an accordion, drums plus some other instruments .

State was playing Miami today so Jerry watched it on his phone for a while and finally just went outside to watch the finish. He came back in and gave me a thumbs up – whew, finally a win.

We left soon after that as we wanted to go back to Hebert’s and get a couple of things. We also needed to stop at the grocery store as we had nothing to take to the Happy Hour. We got a really good cheese cake and came on back to the campground.

Happy Hour started at 5:00 so we went over and stayed for a while but we had planned to go out for dinner on our last evening in Abbeville so we left early. Back to Shuck’s we went.

Candied Oysters from Shucks
Candied Oysters from Shucks
I got Candied Oysters and they were even more delicious tonight than they were earlier in the week. Jerry got crawfish etouffee. I tasted it but didn’t care for it.

When we got back to the park I walked over to the Happy Hour which was still going on to tell everyone good-bye although we’ll probably see most of them in the morning as we’re not planning to leave until 9:30 or so. As I said earlier it’s been great being here. A four day visit turned into eight and apparently that is the norm although they say most people end up staying for a couple of weeks or a month!


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