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Natchitoches and Meat Pies

Another late start so we headed out to Natchitoches to just ride around and visit the town and we had meat pies on the brain. Natchitoches is about 35 miles from where we are staying but it is not a bad ride at all and we got to see some of the countryside. Boy, there surely are a lot of cows around here! We also saw some more rice fields with crawfish traps in them.

Natchitoches is a quaint town right on the banks of the Cane River. IMG_0929There is a nice Riverwalk with benches or a nice area to spread a blanket and enjoy the sun or have a nice picnic. There are also lovely hanging baskets and one block has old lanterns hanging at various places. There are assorted shops along the way from souvenirs to antiques to clothes.

We parked right in front of the famous Kaffie Frederick General Mercantile which is the oldest general store in Louisiana and an important landmark for the community. It has the original freight elevator and a 1910 cash register and both work and are used. After walking around the store I decided that if they don’t have it you don’t need it! Jerry wanted to have a duplicate key made and of course they could do it. I bought a small Yeti cup for coffee and a salad sac. The sac is supposed to keep salad fresh for days – we’ll see. A lady who worked in there told me she bought one and it really worked. She said she didn’t throw away nearly as many spoiled vegetables now.

IMG_1036 Our next stop was the Visitor’s Center right there on the main street. She told us a great deal about the town and showed us some interesting sites to see. I had wondered about the pronunciation of Natchitoches so of course I googled it. “Toche” is pronounced “tish” and is added to a word for that sound – I think, so Natchitoches is pronounced nack-a-tish. It was voted by USA Today as the 2015 Best Southern Small Town.

Since it was nearing lunch time we asked about the famous meat pies and she suggested Lasyone’s so off we went in search of it. We didn’t quite know what to order so we asked the waitress for help. I ended up with a crawfish pie and onion rings and Jerry got a meat pie (pork and beef) with red beans and rice plus some carrots. After we had a few bites we decided to exchange pies so I ended up with the meat pie and he got the crawfish. We weren’t too crazy about either of the pies and Jerry didn’t love the red beans and rice but the carrot soufflé was to die for. It tasted a lot like sweet potatoes. Other than boiled crawfish which I understand are a pain to eat I think we have tasted every local delicacy that Louisiana has to offer. We are ready for some regular old food cooked at home. I never thought I’d say I was tired of eating out but I am!

We walked around the town a bit going in and out of the shops. It really was too late to do much touring so we rode around the town a bit more and saw some of the beautiful historic homes. Some are privately owned and several are B&B’s. We rode by the home that was used in Steel Magnolias and is now a B&B.Steel Magnolias

Our next stop – you guessed it – Walmart for some hamburgers for dinner!

After getting back to the coach I took a little nap and Jerry read. Then he went for a walk and ended up meeting the folks at one of the two other RV’s here. I walked down a little later and we had a nice visit with a couple from Texas.

Jerry grilled burgers and it looks like it’s an NC State basketball evening.


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