Home Away From Home

Learning How to “Dewinterize” a Motor Home

We left Kinston a little after 9:00 heading for Charlotte to pick up the motor home at Performance Ford. Three brief stops and five hours later we finally arrived and what a welcomed sight when we pulled in. There sat our motor home ready to go, extremely dirty but all repaired.

We quickly got everything settled with Performance and took off, happy campers. Other than a stop for gas we had an uneventful trip to Clemmons where we going to visit with our children before leaving for Perry.

We arrived just before 5:00 and began the set up and then the fun began. Fun? Oh well, let’s just say the learning experience began. If you’ve read my earlier blogs you will remember that I said we learn something about our motor home on every trip. Yep, but today had a steep learning curve.

When we left the coach in Concord in February it had been snowing and sleeting and we were worried about getting home safely. Normally we clean everything at the end of a trip so it’s ready to go for the next time but in the interest of getting away quickly we did not clean up this time so I was inside beginning the cleaning process (which by the way doesn’t take that long and isn’t that difficult). Jerry completed all of the hook-ups and then came inside and realized that our water pressure was very low. He checked the hydrant outside and everything seemed fine so we knew the problem was with the coach.

He finally went outside and there was water pouring from the bottom of the coach! Oh my – he had closed all of the low drain lines (yeah – I didn’t even know about them). The next 30 minutes were to say the least interesting. He called Newmar and got a recording saying that they were closed until Monday. Well sure – he called the wrong number! I finally got on FaceBook and went to the Newmar site and asked for advice and quickly got some good suggestions. Just as I was calling the correct Newmar number Jerry yelled “I’ve got it”. The valve to the water tank was open. Since we never carry extra water (I know we should) we do not usually open it. Once he got that closed everything worked fine.

Oh, except the ice machine. Of course it had been winterized also and we knew it wouldn’t make ice because it had anti-freeze in it and we couldn’t figure out what to do. Let me just say, by this time we were beyond exhausted and our brains were fried. We had gone out for a hasty dinner with our children and one very unhappy grandson earlier and we hadn’t even unpacked. Beyond exhaustion, Jerry suddenly realized that he could just empty the ice maker of water thus flushing the line. Does that tell you how tired we both were?

To add injury to insult the cable wouldn’t work and the ACC tournament was on. The good thing is that although Carolina was playing Jerry is definitely not a Carolina fan so with no television and very poor Internet we just called it a night on this very long day.


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