Home Away From Home

A Day in Perry

Since our air conditioner is not working we sort of planned our day around the technician coming to work on it. Jerry called around 10:30 and he was on his way over so we just waited for him. Surprisingly enough the coach had not gotten so terribly hot especially with the back air conditioner running. In fact I got a bit cool last night.

George, the technician came and checked out everything up on the roof and then came down and told us that our extended warranty would not cover it. I think he enjoyed the looks on our faces because he hesitated just a bit before he added that the air conditioner had a two year warranty so Dometic would cover it. Whew! The problem was though that it would take 8-10 days for a new unit to get to Perry. Since we have been in contact with Newmar so much recently Jerry called and after talking with the representative a few minutes he just gave George the phone and the two guys worked it out. They conferenced call with Dometic who is going to send a unit to Newmar but Newmar is going to go on and send one of theirs out immediately. It will still take at least four business days to get here so we will be extending our visit at least one day.

We mentioned to them the stuff that Camping World had spilled all over the side of our coach and as of yet Jerry had been unsuccessful in removing it. They suggested using WD40. Jerry tried some after they left and it worked!

We walked up to the office then to see if there would be any problem with us extending our stay. The park is so full now with many people attending the rally but also other snowbirders traveling through. They assured us that it would not be a problem and we told them we’d let them know as soon as we knew anything.

As we were walking around we met a group of FMCAer’s from Virginia and stopped and chatted with them for a while. We all had our Camping World war stories it seems.

We came back to the coach and grabbed our lunch, Cliff bars and a clementine for me. Then strangely enough we went to Camping World in Byron to get a bar for the door and a cover for the steps. A quick run to the grocery store and then we headed back to the campground to take everything in.

We had a meeting at 3:00 for the first attenders for the rally so we headed over to the fairgrounds for that. It really pertained more to the people staying on the grounds and then they covered the book. Hopefully the sessions will be an improvement.

When we came back to the campground we sat outside and read. Our neighbors came over and we visited with them for a few minutes. I realized when I went inside that cooking in the coach would be difficult so we decided to go out to eat. I sent a message to Jan and Jim and we met them at Longhorns for salads. We had another lovely visit with them discussing everything from RV’s to education.

Back to the rig and a quiet night. It’s cool in the bedroom and fortunately so I’m headed that way!

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