Home Away From Home

Find Your Pot of Gold! in Perry, Georgia

Today was the first day of the FMCA Family Reunion and it was a very full day. We had already picked up our registration materials so we kind of had an idea of where we were heading. Jerry’s first session was on Maj Jong! Apparently he learned a lot because it lasted a pretty long time. I headed over to Chris and Jim Guild’s session on Technology for Travelers: Pictures Maps, Movies, and Blogs. Although I had heard some of the things before of course there was more to learn. Today’s class just touched on some of the subjects they will be covering in more depth during the week-end. I really want to play with making a Google map but I surely won’t have any time for that in the next few days.

After our sessions Jerry headed over to a session on how to detail your coach in an hour. He said he learned some very valuable tips and encouraged me to attend a later session on cleaning the inside. I had already planned to go.

We walked over to see the new coach demonstration but actually ended up going to the Newmar section and talking with Matt, the head of customer service for quite a while. We were in a Canyon Star and another guy, Clarence, came in and he too had a Canyon Star so there was quite a lot of idea exchanging. I think Jerry got some good tips.

I left him there and headed to the session on Microwave/Convection Cooking. One of the most relevant things I learned was that everyone else’s convection can preheat in under five minutes. It takes ours forever so I’m guessing something might be wrong there. Oh well.

After the sessions we came back to the coach and sat outside and rested a bit before heading back over to join Jan, Jim and their FMCA group for potluck dinner. What a nice group of people. They’re getting together again on Saturday and asked us to join them again.

After a quick run to the grocery store we came back to a fairly cool coach considering we’ve only got one air conditioner going. It has been cooler today though plus most of the time it’s been overcast so that has helped keep the temp down. Tomorrow is supposed to be even cooler. Let’s hope! All in all so far the weather has been great for a rally.

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