Home Away From Home

Another Busy Day in Perry at FMCA Reunion

Another early start as Jerry had the conclusion of his driving class. I decided to go to a seminar entitled “Women and RV’s”. I’m not quite sure what I expected but it wasn’t what I got although it turned out to be very interesting. The initial question was “what are you going to do when something happens to your spouse?” Wow – I hadn’t really thought about that. We’ve just been worried about getting home in case something happened to someone at home. The presenter Fran Marynik along with her husband Ed said they didn’t want women to be scrambling and having people take advantage of them in case something life changing did occur. Their main suggestion was to have a plan. Fortunately since everyone there was a member of FMCA we have the advantage of being able to call them and they will assist with arrangements even to get a driver to take you or you and/or your coach home.

She urged everyone to know the vital statistics of their coach: Make, model and year, Chassis, Engine and the length, width and weight of your coach. Additionally you should know who to call if you should experience any trouble with any of those items along with jacks, housing, transmission, etc.

An app that was recommended was glimpse which is a locator. It can send a link of a google map to others to let them know where you are. This is especially helpful to those traveling alone. Leaving a television on at night when you’re away makes it appear that someone is home and some even put men’s shoes outside the door to indicate there is a man at home.

We have heard many times this week about the things that should be regularly checked like air pressure in the tires, oil, water in the batteries, etc. Safe places to overnight in lieu of campgrounds are hospital parking lots and church parking lots. When parking do not park so that the door is next to the curb because that hides your entrance or exit from others who may be around and presents an opportunity for something to happen.

The next seminar was about cooking for two in an RV. The feisty 82 year Tupperware saleslady had numerous recipes and ideas and soldiered on despite a number of technical difficulties. I definitely will be trying some of her suggestions and the first one will be a quiche in the microwave.

I joined Jerry in the next seminar about using Velcro in the RV. This Velcro is high temp acrylic and can be used to hang pictures, secure hoses, secure things kept on the counter tops plus many other uses. After the initial application it has to cure for 24 hours before using. I suggested to Jerry that we could possibly use it to secure the Garmin that I use as it falls off of the counter quite frequently as we travel.

After the seminar we came back to the coach for a quick lunch and then back to the fairgrounds intending to look at the new Newmars. We saw a tram so Jerry suggested we get on. Well, the trams are for the people staying on the grounds so instead of going to the new coach section we rode around the camping area. There are about 2400 units out there! Amazing!

We talked with the representatives about the possibility of having lights added to our awning and how it could be done. Not sure if we’ll be purchasing them at this point as we are probably going to buy a TPMS and that will blow the budget for the trip! We also wandered through some of their new coaches and they are nice and then on our way to the next seminar we went in a Phaeton. Wow, just wow. Lesson learned here – if you are happy with your coach don’t go looking at new ones. I really am happy with our coach and I am not interested in a diesel.

Jerry went to a seminar on tires and I went to hear Mac the Fire Guy. The top four reasons for RV fires are diesel engines, Norcold refrigerators, wiring under the dash and tires. Gas coaches are the safest. He said that if you hit the rumble strip when driving you should always check your tires on your next stop to see if any damage has been done. He talked about fire extinguishers and CO alarms. He recommended the Atwood CO alarm and said to have the tallest person in the rig put the alarms at his level. It is safer to sleep in the bedroom with the door to the main part of the coach closed.

We drug our tired bodies back to the coach for a brief rest before heading back over for a get together with Jan, Jim and their group from the Atlanta area. We met two new couples and thoroughly enjoyed visiting with them.
Before heading over to the concert we raced back to the motor home to put up the awning and the chairs as it looked like we might have a storm (we didn’t).

We finished up the night with a concert with Mark Chestnutt, Lori Morgan and Joe Diffie. Thought I don’t know much about country music I enjoyed the concert.

Back to the coach and ready for bed. Church in the morning at 8:00. Man, these 8:00 mornings are killing us!


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