Home Away From Home

Last Day in Perry – I think!

Since our air conditioner could not get to Perry until today we extended our visit for one day. Jerry talked with the repair man this afternoon and he said that he had received a message that it was on the UPS truck and would be delivered today. He’s supposed to come in the morning and said it should take a couple of hours. Hopefully everything will work out and we’ll be on the road to ??? Not sure. It’s about 450 miles to Raleigh so we don’t know if we’ll make that in one day or not. Since we’ll probably get a late start we may need to stop on the way so we’ll see. We may end up not even going to the horse show since we have to be in Kinston on Thursday. It just gets really involved!

I am really glad that we got to stay an extra day though because we were both exhausted. I want to remember this for future trips. Today was spent getting rid of all of the pollen that accumulated while we had the windows opened. You could write your name in yellow most anywhere in the rig. I got to try out the new microfiber cloths we got and yes, they work wonderfully.
Jerry put up the new flag pole and also reattached the FMCA sign using the brackets he got at the FMCA booth. It looks good.

I walked down to the office to ask about late departure tomorrow and they said to just let them know when we found out what we were doing. I can’t say enough about the campground, Fair Harbor. It is a great place to stay. I just wish we had been able to see more of Perry as it appears to be a fascinating town. Other than our two eating out ventures we went back and forth to the fairgrounds only! I know that path well!

We took a walk around the park this afternoon and then sat outside and chatted for a while. I came in and fixed the spaghetti using my new spaghetti cooker for the microwave. It only takes 7 minutes and it doesn’t heat up the kitchen plus you can drain it from the dish meaning that you don’t have to get out the colander. I think I’m going to like it as it does make things easier.

A quiet night as we are both still a bit tired. We’re planning to go up early tomorrow and as the repair man is working on the air conditioner we’ll be packing up to hit the road.


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