Home Away From Home, North Carolina

Traveling Day

Wednesday was a travel day for us. Jerry wanted to get an early start even though we only had a little over 100 miles to go so we pulled out of The Little Campground around 10:00. There was a church located just down the road and they had a large parking lot so we decided to go there to put the car on the dolly.

As usual the two GPS’s gave us divergent routes but this time we went with the Garmin. I think we probably added 20-30 miles to the trip but we had good roads, no mountainous curves! Other than a gas stop we drove straight to the campground arriving around 1:00. The camp hosts Peggy and Tony came down after we got settled and we did the registration. They winter in Florida and just got here last week so are still settling in. Jerry and Tony discussed wood working and Peggy gave me several ideas of things in the area that we might enjoy. We might even go on a trail ride!

I met another lady in the park. Betty is a retired school teacher so we had lots to talk about. She has a little patio on the back of her coach and we sat outside and visited for a while. Her husband died 8 years ago so she said she didn’t do much traveling as she leaves her coach at this campground. I promised to give her some information on Girl Campers and Sisters on the Fly.

Around 5:00 Jerry and I decided to go for a ride and get the lay of the land. We were also hoping we’d see some of the elk which everyone says are very plentiful. Maybe, but we didn’t see any.

After a quick dinner of left overs we walked around the campground a bit. It too is on a little stream. The surrounding scenery is stunning. Just looking out of the windows and seeing such beautiful mountains is a real treat.


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