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Soco Falls and Waterrock Knob in One Day!

Wow – we pushed ourselves today! We started our day headed to Soco Falls but unfortunately we missed the little sign – and it is little – and ended up in Cherokee. Jerry wanted to go to the Cherokee Historical Museum so we decided to go on and do that.

That is museum filled with history from the very beginning of the Cherokee tribe. As described on the website “Inspired by the beauty and ingenuity of the Cherokee people, this is a cultural and historical tour without equal, one fused with interactive video, intriguing displays, and a full sensory experience.” When we entered we read a few of the folk tales while waiting for a video. The video told about the beginning of the world and the beginning of fire.

The rest of the museum was filled with exhibits and a timeline of the Cherokee. Despite reading the history one wonders why the white man was so determined to eradicate and/or control the Indians. Andrew Jackson before he was president played a big part in their history and then after becoming president he was very anti-Indian. All in all a sad story but a story of a people overcoming many obstacles.

Since it was lunch time we decided to have our picnic at the picnic area beside the stream that runs through that park. We had a nice lunch and took a couple of pictures.

I made it!
I made it!

Our next stop was Soco Falls and we were determined to find them this time – and we did. It’s a nice little descent and we thought at that time it was a little much – little did we know what was ahead of us. The double falls are very pretty and skipping over the rocks is fun. We were very careful though not to go in forbidden and dangerous territory.

Top of Waterrock Knob
Top of Waterrock Knob

Next we headed for Waterrock Knob. From the parking lot it’s just a short half mile up to the top. Yeah- but it’s a steep, rocky and at times a bit treacherous climb. There is an observation area at the .21 mile and we could have stopped there but we were determined to make it to the top. It was difficult and we had to stop several times. I read later that from Maggie Valley we had gone up 4000 feet in elevation. That’s why we were having a little trouble catching our breath. Well, maybe part of the reason! We made it though and I can say I’ve done it but somehow I don’t think I’ll do it again! It was a spectacular site though and worth the hike. We made it down in 20 minutes, much quicker than we went up!

Our blow dryer seems to be on its last legs so Jerry suggested we go by Walmart and get another one just in case this one doesn’t work one morning. I had a short grocery list so we located a local Walmart and went there and got all of the groceries on my list. Yep – we totally forgot the hair dryer. Sure hope ours works in the morning!

On Thursday nights some of the campground visitors meet at a restaurant for dinner and the hosts asked us to join them so we did. We got to meet some more of the folks and had a delightful time. Peggy and Tony Auth are the camp hosts and Peggy and I have scheduled a trail ride for Saturday morning if the weather holds. That should be a lot of fun. Tomorrow we’re planning to go to Clingman’s Dome – that is on my bucket list so I’m excited about that.

Some of the group went out for ice cream after dinner but Jerry and I were just too tired. I don’t think either of us will have to be rocked to sleep tonight!

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