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Dupont State Forest

Triple Falls
Triple Falls
We headed out this morning to go to a nearby falls that had been recommended by the campground. After riding around for about 45 minutes we decided that we obviously couldn’t find it so we headed on to Connestee Falls, a place that I had on the agenda for yesterday but we had run out of time – and energy.

After hiking to see so much Connestee Falls was a welcomed change but a little disappointing too. Although the falls are beautiful they can be viewed only at a distance. We parked in the park and walked about 50 yards on a walkway and there they were. In years past you could access the bottom of the falls but due to injuries the paths have now been blocked off. I guess we’ve gotten to used to climbing and hiking this week!

We headed next to Brevard and upon entering the town we saw the Visitor’s Center so we stopped there. They were a fount of information and suggested that we go to Dupont State Forest where we could visit several falls plus enjoy a nice hike. Wouldn’t you know we went right past Connestee Falls on the way to Dupont? Everything is so beautiful though and riding through the countryside is so nice, not touristy at all, just the mountains in all of their splendor.

Dupont State Forest was only about a 20 minute ride and obviously a very popular place as there were already lots of people there. After talking with a ranger and getting some direction we decided to enjoy our picnic lunch before heading off on our walk/hike! She suggested we take our walking sticks and I was glad we did. We ended up walking about four miles today!

High Falls
High Falls
First we saw the High Falls and they are lovely but further on down the walking path are the beautiful Triple Falls and I think perhaps the prettiest falls we have seen. We went down to the base and sat on the rocks for a while. There were several people coming and going plus there were two fishermen trying their luck. I never saw them bring anything in though. It was so nice there we could have spent the afternoon but in the backs of our mind we knew we had to climb those steps back up. It was a beautiful day but a little cool but it didn’t take long for us to warm up as we walked back up all of those steps.

We took a little detour on the way back to see the Covered Bridge and then finished the .06 mile walk back to the car. We drove to Hooker Falls and then called it a day.IMG_4050

We headed back to Brevard, stopped by Pisgah Visitor’s Center to pick up a magnet and then went by the grocery store.

After we returned to the campground we went down to the Happy Hour where we huddled around the fire as the temperature has really dropped. In fact it’s supposed to get down to 38 degrees tonight. Hey, it’s May!

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