Home Away From Home, North Carolina

Another Wild Ride

Another traveling day headed toward Franklin, NC for the Peach State Travelers Chapter Meeting. Gary at Riverbend RV Resort told us that he would have our tow dolly ready when we were ready so we elected to leave around 11:00. We pulled out of our site at 10:41 and headed to the office where we met Gary and Carol, our camp hosts. Jerry hooked up the tow dolly and Gary headed up the road to assist us in getting out on the highway. Before he left though he handed me an envelope and said it was for us. Jerry pulled on out and I followed him as we had decided to put the car on the dolly at the fire station just down the road. We quickly accomplished that and pulled out of the fire station at 11:00. Oh, the envelope held a picture of our coach nestled in our site and a note from Gary and Carol. We’ve probably been in over 50 campgrounds during the last two years and this is first time we’ve ever received anything like this. Kudos to Riverbend RV Resort in Lake Toxaway!

The road to Cashiers while not the worst mountain road we’ve been on was still curvy, windy, and up and down. I think at one point it had an 8% grade. It was only 13 miles to Cashiers but it took us 30 minutes to get there!

We left Cashiers thinking the rest would be smooth sailing. Not so! From Cashiers to Sylva was again typical mountainous road with a long 8% grade. Although the Canyon Star seemed to strain a bit with the grade it handled it beautifully. Guess there is no need for a diesel in the future. Once we got through Sylva we were on an easy four lane highway and not very far from Franklin.

We arrived at our new campground The Great Outdoors RV Resort just in time as there at least four pulling in behind us. Jan and I had been texting and we had hoped to get next to them but actually are about two spaces down. They met us when we got to our site and as Jerry and Jim discussed the leveling and the outside jobs Jan and I were warm inside while I did my hard job – pressing the auto level button!

Despite it being May it is cold and windy with temperatures in the high 40”s. Although we’ve had rain it has tapered off a bit.

Tonight was dinner in the club house. We had Mexican nachos ad apple quesadillas and it was very good. The apple quesadillas were super! Dinner tonight gave us a chance to meet some of the other PST and that was fun. After dinner Jim, Jan and I chatted with an older couple who have traveled for 23 years hitting every state and most of Canada. They had some interesting stories to tell. Jerry played a couple of games with some others. It was a fun night despite the cold and occasional rain.


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