The Best Laid Plans

We have been preparing for some time for our trip to Michigan with each day specifically planned since we were working with a limited amount of time. The day of departure was scheduled for early morning July 6. Let me go back a bit and explain. We are blessed to have a cottage on the river and were doubly blessed to have one of our sons and his family down for the Fourth of July celebration. Since we knew we’d be pushing the envelope to be able to leave from Kinston on the 6th we left the river on June 20, returned to Kinston, brought the coach home from the warehouse and did as much as we could to get it prepared to leave. Due to the heat in the warehouse we had earlier taken out most of the condiments, etc so we got all of those out and set them on the dining room table ready to be put back in when we brought it home on the 5th. We knew most of the clothes we had at the river would just transfer right to the RV so packing was going to be fairly easy. Right? Well, yeah, that all worked out but there was an unexpected fly in the ointment.

A few weeks earlier Jerry and I bit the bullet and bought bicycles. We have been faithfully riding 6 miles 6 days a week. I know for some of you cyclists it’s not very far but we’re pretty proud of ourselves! Last Friday while Jerry and I were at the grocery store David decided to ride Jerry’s bike. Yep, it wrecked and bent the rim on the front tire. Oh no! Jerry immediately called the bike shop and then took the tire back to Kinston. Burt, the owner of Riverside Bikes told us he would try to true the rim but would also order a new one and it would be in Tuesday. We weren’t extremely optimistic but were hopeful that it would be repaired. After all, much of our Michigan trip involved biking.

Everyone hopped up Tuesday morning and in short order we were all packed up and ready to head for Kinston. On the way in we got a call from Burt saying the rim was in so we were good to go. We headed on through Greenville for a visit with Mom before we left on the trip and while on the road got another call from Burt – they had sent the wrong rim. He had called and they were sending the correct rim (I hope) and it would be in by 10:30 on Wednesday
Our original plan was to leave early Wednesday morning and drive about 500 miles to Chillicothe, Ohio for the night and then arrive in Mears, Mi, which is about 450 miles from Chillicothe on Thursday. We did not have reservations in the Chillicothe area but do have reservations in Mears! Oh my!

Right now we have extra time to get the coach packed and prepare some extra food. Somehow I don’t think we’ll be spending tomorrow night in Chillicothe!


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