Home Away From Home, West Virginia

Murphy’s Law

One day we’re going to start on a trip with no difficulties, no snags, and no delays. Now, I don’t know when that will be but it surely wasn’t today. As I stated earlier we had planned to leave early Wednesday morning but the bike problem delayed that until at least 10:30. I got up early and fortunately Jerry slept in – he’ll need it later today! After coffee, paying bills and waking up I rode my 6 miles – wow it was so hot! It’ll be interesting to find out what the heat index was for today. After I cooled off I got busy in the kitchen. I made two meat loafs, mixed the spaghetti sauce in the crockpot which will cook as we travel and made some House Seasoning to be used later. I continued to put things in the RV, .e. frozen food, refrigerated foods, etc. Burt called and had been able to true the rim so Jerry went down and picked up his bike. After returning home he realized that since he had altered the tow dolly to accommodate the bikes the safety chains were too short so he had to go to Lowe’s for extensions. When he got back we finally got the bikes on the rack and the tow dolly hitched only to realize that since we were leaving so late we would probably end up boondocking somewhere tonight so that meant we had to add water to the fresh water tank. Naturally the hoses wouldn’t reach so we had to back up the coach which already had the two dolly connected. All of this was done is 90 degree plus heat and high humidity. I dried my hair three times!

We finally left at 12:33 only to realize that Jerry didn’t bring any jeans so we circled the Briary, stopped in front of the house and I ran in and got him a couple of pairs. It was a good thing I did go back in because the alarm was beeping. I don’t know what is wrong with it but it keeps intermittently beeping and it hasn’t even been set. I turned it off and we started out again.

As we neared Mallards (about five miles out of Kinston) we saw that gas was $1.97 so we pulled in and Jerry filled up while I went to the fruit stand. I got some fresh tomatoes, some baking potatoes for tomorrow’s dinner and a cantaloupe since we never got around to making our sausage balls. We finally left Mallards at 1:08 on our way to – oh, where are we going tonight? Certainly not Piketon, Ohio where we had intended to go. Should be interesting.

Before we left we kissed for luck and then prayed for safe travel for us and safety for all of our children and grands.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. We just traveled along. I intermittently spent time on the iPad trying to figure out how far we could go and where we might stay. Our original destination was the Chillicoathe, Ohio area and we knew we couldn’t make it that far.

We entered West Virginia and the dratted toll booths. Wide loads should go in the far right lane but Jerry didn’t on the first one and I heard a scrape (later looked for a scratch or worse but didn’t see anything). We went through three toll booths at $3.25 each. You would think that toll roads would be in better condition but that was not the case today. For the most part it was a bumpy ride!

I finally located a Walmart in Quincy (Belle), WVA and we decided that we would try boondocking for the night! Wow! As we pulled in we saw two other RV’s parked there so we assumed it would be OK to park there. As soon as we were parked Jerry went to the store to check in with the manager who said it was fine to park there, the only rule being leave no trash.

Using the inverter I cooked the noodles to go with the spaghetti sauce that had been cooking in the crock pot and fixed a pear salad. We didn’t pull out any slides although we noticed that one coach had three of theirs pulled out. No one had any jacks down. Since there were no rules regarding generator use Jerry turned ours on and the coach started cooling down immediately. It’s nearly as hot in West Virginia as it is in North Carolina and after all, we are in a tin can. It doesn’t take long for things to start warming up!

Although a bit cramped we pulled out the table and had our dinner. As soon as I took a bite of the pear salad I realized that it was abnormally sweet. I didn’t say anything waiting for Jerry to remark. He did. Reading the can label we realized that I had bought cinnamon flavored pears. They weren’t terrible but Jerry did ask me how may cans I bought. Fortunately, only one!

After dinner we walked over to the store to get a manual can opener and then headed back to the coach. We were both pretty tired. By this time it was after 9:00 so we both pretty much collapsed. Jerry grabbed his pillow and headed for the sofa because we were both pretty sure he would be snoring loudly tonight. If he did I never heard it. Surprisingly I slept well only awaking a couple of times. Fatigue can do that to you! I guess we are officially Wally Dockers now!


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