Home Away From Home, Michigan

Official Wally Dockers!

We’ve done it! We’ve have spent the night in a Walmart parking lot so we are now officially Wally Dockers! I must say it wasn’t bad at all. When we arrived there were two more RV’s and then several semis came in. We did learn though that you should have more gas in your tank. When we got ready to leave the next morning Jerry realized that we had less than 1/8 of a tank in the motor home, less than we’ve ever had. After morning coffee Jerry made another trip into Walmart to get some sweetener. He really didn’t pack very well for this trip. All in all, over-nighting at Walmart makes all the sense in the world. Why spend $25-$40 for a site arriving late in the evening and leaving early the next morning? Plus, we always need something from Walmart so purchases are ensured. I’m sure we’ll be taking advantage of that courtesy in the future.

Yesterday was a bright sun shiny day but today the weather is cloudy and drizzling. If the road wasn’t so bumpy it would be excellent cross stitching but it’s almost impossible to type on this highway. Lots of duplicate letters as I try to type. We’ve got a long way to go today. 550 miles according to Jerry’s GPS and 635 according to mine. I hope we don’t have to bump all the way there. Really West Virginia, we’re helping pay for these highways. Can’t you do better?

Traveling on into Ohio and highways improved but the GPS took us through a lot of small one stoplight towns. Of course we got every light. At times we felt that we were in a convoy as traffic was so lined up – no one was passing the big trucks nor us! Just before reaching the Michigan line we ran into a lot of road construction and Jerry did a terrific job. I know he must have been stressed as there were barriers along both sides of the highway and pretty heavy traffic. We wanted to stop for lunch but the only rest stop was closed so we had no choice but to continue. Finally we entered Michigan and found a Pilot with a MacDonald’s.

Jerry topped off the gas at $2.20 and then the interesting part began. We got away from the gas pump but then got hemmed in and couldn’t move forward or backward. Finally a guy driving another RV came out and moved his so we could get around. That is one of the problems with driving a gas rig. Most stations that accommodate large rigs do so in the diesel section, not the gas so it makes for interesting adventures. We have to be very careful when selecting a station. Usually we try to go to Pilot or Flying J although a Loves will work but even those are not always friendly to a gas coach.

We ate a quick lunch and then got back on the highway only to discover a Welcome to Michigan Center about two miles further down. We stopped for a quick 15 minutes, got some material and then started driving again. Realizing we were a little over 200 miles always from Mears I called the campground to tell them that we would be late arriving. They assured me that someone would be there until 11:00 so unless it was going to be after that we were good. I surely do hope we’re there before 11!

The rest of the drive was pretty uneventful. I listened to an audio book and cross stitched but I later realized that as I was stitching I was not looking around thus missing a lot of the country side. We ran into a lot of construction in every state but only one detour and that one only added about ten minutes.

Getting to the campground was not as easy as we had hoped. It was after 7:30 and we were riding around a typical beach town and we were lost. We first went to the Silver Lake State Park knowing that wasn’t where we were supposed to be but hoping they could give us some directions. They couldn’t so we continued to fumble around. We finally reached a stopping point and I tried to call the campground but the call kept dropping. We found out later that cell coverage is nearly non-existent here. I got out of the RV and tried to get out from under the trees hoping I could get a better signal but no such luck however a gentleman did stop and ask if he could help. He gave us pretty good directions. We went through the small town of Mears, around the roundabout and then hark – we saw the campground only to realize that we were at Silver Creek RV and not Silver Lake. Although Silver Creek looked very nice they were not too nice in the office. We had to ride through the entire campground to get out!

We finally found Silver Lake just down the road and they couldn’t have been nicer. We had reservations for water/electric but I asked about a full hookup. They only had it for two nights and then we’d have to move for the third night but we elected to do that. A hot shower in MY shower sounded like a grand idea! There is no cable nor Internet here and I feel a bit out of the loop. Helen Jo called and tried to give me the doctor’s report on Mom but the reception was so bad that she finally just texted me.

By this time it was after 9:00 so we rode into Mears and got a sandwich at Sand Castle restaurant. I asked the waitress, Ash about cell coverage and she’d never heard of US Cellular and said Verizon only worked if you stood in the middle of the street. She very kindly offered to let me use her phone to call Helen Jo – we did leave her a nice tip for her kindness. It was still so light outside so we asked her about it. Although my phone said it was 9:30, Jerry’s said it was 8:30 so we were a bit confused because it was still light. She said it was really 9:30 and it didn’t get dark in that part of Michigan until nearly 10:00. Because we are just across the lake from Wisconsin Jerry’s phone was picking up Wisconsin time. Interesting!

Back to the rig. Jerry is trying with great difficulty to talk with Dish to set up the TV but alas the cell phone is breaking up so…
All in all a long day but praise God for safe travel! Thank you Jesus!


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