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A Day in Silver Lake, Michigan

We both certainly needed to recuperate from the two days of hard preparation for the trip and the actual traveling so we slept in today. I finally got up about 8:30 but Jerry just continued to sleep until after 10:00. I know he must have been exhausted. He drove nearly 1000 miles in two days and most of it in one day. We have very, very limited – interpret that as no Internet so no checking e-mail this morning so I very quietly read while he slept. Finally some after 10:00 I tried to very quietly take a shower. I think I was pretty quiet but he got up anyway. We had an early lunch and then left for the Little Sable Lighthouse on the other end of Silver Lake. 133 steps and then out at the top.

The view from the top of Little Sable Lighthouse
The view from the top of Little Sable Lighthouse
I didn’t think I could go out but I did and walked around the entire top. Quite frankly the most difficult thing was going down the steps! The view of Lake Michigan is incredible with varying colors in the water due to the sandbars. I’m glad I braved the climb – it was well worth it.

When we got down we walked down to the sandy beach and I stuck my toes in Lake Michigan.

Jerry wading in the cold waters of Lake Michigan
Jerry wading in the cold waters of Lake Michigan
It was so very cold I could see why the folks go south for the beaches. There were several people including children braving the waters but I couldn’t have done it. I guess if that’s what you’re used to it’s no problem.

Our next stop was Silver Lake State Park just to park and get out and look at the incredible dunes across Silver Lake. They are indescribably beautiful and awesome. We finally got our sandy feet clean and headed back to the coach for a little while and then we were on the way to Mac’s Dune Buggy Rides.

The top of the dunes
The top of the dunes
Boy, that was fun. Along with several others including four from Winston Salem we took a ride over and through the dunes. At one point we stopped and took some pictures and some brave souls slid down the dune toward the water. The only problem with that – you have to climb back up. We elected not to do that!

After the ride we chatted with the North Carolina folks for a few minutes and they recommended that we ride down to the cherry stand a few miles down. We rode down there but since we had cherries in the fridge we didn’t buy any.

Our next stop was the MacDonald’s in Hart where they had free Wi-Fi! I downloaded a new book and we updated our apps plus checked our e-mails.

Back to the coach for an early dinner of left-overs and then a bike ride! We rode our six miles around the campground. We certainly didn’t know that there was such a steep ride on a couple of the lanes. We rode slower than usual and obviously our time was the longest we’ve had but neither of us was as exhausted as we usually are after our rides.

Jerry locked the bikes up and we walked around the park to cool down. We had hoped to take a dip in the heated pool but it was full of children so we walked on back to the RV.

Jerry wants to ride the bikes in the morning so we took the car into Silver Lake trying to determine the route we should take. Each little hill looked like a mountain when we thought of pedaling up them. After we got into Silver Lake we rode around the village looking for the best way to go and we finally decided to go by the State Park. I don’t think we’ll have any trouble getting there. I just hope we don’t run out of steam before we get back to the campground!

Still not used to it staying light so long. I wonder what time the sun comes up. I’m quite sure it had been up a long time by the time I got out of bed this morning. Earlier today the wind picked up and it looked like we might have a storm. We didn’t but the temperature dropped and it’s quite cool tonight.

Jerry decided in lieu of going to sleep at 8:30 he’d make us some sausage balls. I’m going to put on my warm pj’s and read some!


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