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Lighthouses in Ludington, Michigan

Today was a very hard day but a great day. Six miles on a bicycle and five miles walking will get the best of men but we did it! We started the day by riding our bikes to Silver Lake, around the roundabout and on to Mac’s Dune Buggy Rides where we turned around. When we turned out of Silver Lake RV there was a steep incline that we had to ride up and then one more and the rest was pretty level. Most of the way into Silver Lake and then towards Mac’s had good bike trails and there are also bike crossings. I now know what a bike crossing sign means to car drivers – keep going, the bikes will either stop (I did) or get out of your way ( I did). They really are just drawings on the highway. We rode three miles and then turned around. It was a great ride and hopefully we can do it again tomorrow. The weather was cool, windy and overcast. I wore yoga pants and a long sleeved t-shirt and was fine. I put a jacket in my basket just in case it started raining but I never needed it.

I stopped at the office when we returned to check on when we could move to our new spot. They told me that the spot we were going to had not been vacated and the folks didn’t have to leave until check-out time at 12:00. I came on back to the coach and Jerry and I both took showers and got dressed just in case they decided to leave early. Afterward Jerry took a nap and I read. A knock on the door around 11:00 told us that the site was vacant so we packed up and drove over. A little inconvenience for a full hookup was surely worth it and it didn’t take long at all to set back up.

As son as that was done we headed out for MacDonald’s in Hart to do our updating and check e-mails but on the way decided to go on to Ludington and have lunch there. We ended up at the Kuntry Kupboard. I accessed the TripAdvisor app and the reviews were good and the menu seemed to be varied. A good indication of good food is a full parking lot and this one was full so we headed in. As soon as we sat down we both ordered coffee as we were both a bit chilled from the weather. We both got soup and the salad bar and they were both good. We ended our meal with fruit from the salad bar. While we were eating the sun came out and the temperature went up as well. It was turning out to be a beautiful day.

With full tummies we headed out for Ludington State Park and Big Sable lighthouse. We paid the $9.00 to get into the park for the day and then began the hike. We didn’t realize that it was 2 miles to the lighthouse but it was a nice day for a walk. We went through the park campground and then headed out of the lane to the lighthouse. There were many people coming and going and it was an easy walk.
Big Sable Lighthouse is actually attached to a house and is situated right on Lake Michigan. IMG_2047 To say that the view is beautiful vastly understates the obvious. The many different colors of the water is reminiscent of the Caribbean waters. The surf reminded me though of the ocean with the waves crashing to the shore. We climbed the 130 steps to the top and then walked around. I stayed close to the side of the wall but I did it. I only looked down once and that was enough so from then on I kept my eyes focused on the view.

Two miles later we were hot, tired and Jerry was not at all interested in seeing another lighthouse which had been my plan. We rode on into Ludington and down Ludington Avenue to see a street lined with petunias. When I heard the description I was reminded of Niagara on the Lake with their many floral hanging baskets but Ludington Avenue had petunias planted in the median.

We then rode to Stearns Park to see Ludington North Breakwater Lighthouse. We quickly realized that we had just ridden by the park but didn’t realize that was where the lighthouse was. We turned in and parked and Jerry saw the lighthouse. It is the most visited lighthouse in Michigan and I can see why.

Walking out to the lighthouse
Walking out to the lighthouse
It’s at the end of a breakwater. The water on one side is rough with crashing waves and on the other side it’s calm. Water was splashing up on us as we walked the half mile out. We opted not to climb the lighthouse since the only advantage would be a beautiful view and we already had that as we sat outside the gift shop.

We sat there for a few minutes and then lumbered back to the car, probably nearly another mile. We were both exhausted and decided to stop at a grocery store, get a loaf of bread and have sandwiches for dinner.

When we got back to the coach we both collapsed. We were tired and sore! I wanted to go to the pool for a swim but couldn’t talk Jerry into it so we had a very quiet night. It remains very strange to me that it stays light so late. At 8:00 the sun is shining brightly.


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