Home Away From Home, Michigan

We Hit the Wall!

Today was definitely “Hit the Wall” day! We both have been going full blast since the first of July and today we just ran out of steam. Although we had plans to be up by 7:00, have our 6 mile ride and then get to the Visitor’s Center in Traverse City by 9:00 that plan failed. Neither of us could get to sleep last night and I think there were a couple of reasons. One, our bodies just haven’t acclimated to it being light so late. I know that sounds a bit silly but we’re usually in and quiet by 9:00 but this week we’re still sitting outside reading, visiting or I’m inside working on the computer. Also, Jerry finally got his State flag up and last night it was windy and the flag was proudly and loudly flying. Finally about 12:30 Jerry got up and went outside and took it down. He was so frustrated he just went out the door in his underwear. Fortunately he had on a t-shirt and no one was up!

We did get our six mile ride in but for me it was a real struggle. I just rode around the top part of the campground trying to avoid as many hills as I could.

We finally got to the Visitor’s Center about 11:00 but unfortunately the lady we talked to wasn’t a bit of help. When I asked for suggestions her reply was “instead of shopping?”. Well duh, yeah. If we had just wanted to shop we surely could have found the shops! After we mentioned a lighthouse she finally suggested Old Mission Peninsula. We also asked about somewhere to eat the local pastie. She pondered it a bit and finally suggested Cousin Jenny’s which was fairly close. We went back to the car, paid the parking meter and using Mapquest and Waze we set out seeking Cousin Jenny’s. Hello Mapquest! Hello Waze! Cousin Jenny’s was two blocks away, straight down the street. Why, oh why in the 90 degree sunny heat did they send us on a 30 minute circular tour of the city? We finally made it and all I could ask for was a glass of water after walking at least one mile.

Jerry eating his pastie
Jerry eating his pastie
We both got the meat pastie which included steak, potatoes, onion, rutabaga and seasoning. When they brought it to the table they suggested various condiments to go along with it: sour cream, Cousin Jenny’s Dynamite Sauce, some gravy and something else that Jerry said tasted similar to mustard. Expecting to taste something similar to the meat pies we had in Louisiana we were very pleasantly surprised. Although Jerry thought it was a little bland I thoroughly enjoyed mine. In fact we later went back and got four more, two for dinner on our travel day (tomorrow) and two to freeze plus I got some of the hot sauce as well.

We then walked two whole blocks to our car. I think it took four minutes! We rode to the Old Mission Peninsula and it was a pretty ride. There are 10 wineries along the way and various cherry stands as well.

Old Mission Lighthouse
Old Mission Lighthouse
The Old Mission Lighthouse is located at the tip of the Old Mission Peninsula. Built in 1870 this lighthouse is located at the end of nineteen-mile-long Old Mission Peninsula. It divides Grand Traverse Bay into a west arm and an east arm. We elected not to climb the lighthouse as we’ve already climbed three plus it is enclosed at the top.

Just a few hundred feet north of the point lies the invisible line, the 45th parallel of latitude which marks the halfway point between the Equator and the North Pole. We stuck our toes in the water and surprisingly it was much warmer than Lake Michigan. As with the other beaches there were people in the water and some tanning on the beach.

We also visited the Hessler Log Home which was built by early settlers. It is amazing to see the smooth walls and the dove-tailed joints that were hand cut from the pine trees. There are no nails or fasteners in the home.

Driving out of the peninsula we stopped to buy some cherries and ended up also getting some Moomers ice cream only sold in Michigan. Jerry got a mint ice cream covered in heavy chocolate and I got a cup of amaretto cherry. After eating a bit we exchanged and we both like the other’s better! It was really good and I hope we can get some more before we leave the state.

After a brief stop at Cousin Jenny’s we came on back to the campground where we both collapsed with fatigue. After a lazy afternoon nap punctuated by rain on the roof I cooked a good dinner of meatloaf, butter beans and creamed potatoes.


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