Getting a Haircut When Traveling – Oh My!

Today was a travel day leaving Michigan and going into Wisconsin so we got us early – Jerry had been up since 5:15 and I woke up at 6:15 when he turned off the generator. The electricity had come back on sometime during the night. I had checked at 1:30 and it was still off then so don’t know when it came on.

We pulled out minutes before 8:00 but what we failed to remember was that we were going into Central Time meaning that we were gaining an hour. Instead of arriving at 12:00 we actually got to our campground, Hancock/Stevens KOA at 11:00. Although check in time is 2:00 they didn’t mention that we were early so we were in our site and set up before noon.

Yep, it's a cap week!
Yep, it’s a cap week!
When we checked in I asked about a beauty salon in the area and the lady looked a little blank. She said there was one in Hancock in an old gas station but she had never gotten her hair done there. I wanted to check it out so Jerry and I rode into Hancock. Once a fairly thriving town when the main highway went through it was bypassed and now there is hardly anything there. When we stopped at the beauty salon the lady said she could cut my hair in 10 minutes so I stayed while Jerry went to find a hardware store. He did not find one, in fact he came in the shop while the lady was cutting my hair and sad he didn’t find anything. The beautician concurred saying there was no longer anything in the town. BUT – there is a beauty shop and I got a grand “trim” haircut and it costs $5.00. Can you believe that? Apparently though I didn’t clearly explain that I just wanted my bangs and front trimmed. Wow, I think I have a mullet!

When we got back to the campground we decided to go swimming since it was so very hot. Only one other lady was in the pool and she left shortly after we got there so we had the pool to ourselves. The water a bit cool since they’ve had some rain so it took me a few minutes to finally immerse myself. When I did though it felt so good.

After our swim we came back, showered and I found some shade outside to sit in and read. When I came in Jerry was sleeping away so I got on the bed and read until I too fell asleep. This has been the longest day. Jerry mentioned that he actually got up at 4:15 and I got up at 5:15. No wonder it was so long!

After our naps we had dinner and then went for our 6 mile ride. The campground paths are heavily graveled with pea gravel and very difficult and scary to ride on. Fortunately the front of the campground had a nice straight lane going out to the highway plus a loop at the back of the park and all is paved so that’s where we did our riding. In 89 degree humid weather it was a tough ride.

We came in, showered again – yes, that made three each for us today – and then had a quiet evening. Not an eventful day.


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