Disney Here We Come

We had tentatively planned to go to Maine during the month of September but when the one of our sons invited us to tag along on a family trip to Disney World of course our plans changed.  There has however been a slight hiccup.

In June Jerry and I “gave” each other bicycles for our anniversary and we began a pretty rigorous routine of cycling – at least for me it was.  We eventually settled into riding six out of seven days each week depending on the weather, etc.  Initially we were taking breaks after three miles but that soon stopped and I proudly finished six miles each day.  Occasionally I’ll get up to seven but not often.  Although Jerry has gone over ten a couple of times he likes to stay under ten.  Last Sunday morning when we should have been in church Jerry had a little accident and ended up with two broken ribs.  Otherwise he’s in great shape as attested to by the myriad of tests performed at the hospital!  He’s improving daily albeit slowly and after seeing our regular doctor today we were given the go ahead for our trip.

I’m sure I’ll be doing a lot more driving than usual.  It’s only about 600 miles and we’ll break the trip up into two days.  We don’t know if we will tow the car or not because even though I can get the car on the dolly and get the chains and straps on I can’t ratchet it up.  I’m just not strong enough so we’ll have that answer Monday afternoon when we try it.

I haven’t done a ton of research on Disney as I have assumed our grands will direct our days.  I had planned to return home though parts of Georgia where we could do a lot of hiking and bike riding but since Jerry can’t ride his bike for six weeks I have spent the evening re-routing our return home plus needless to say his bike is in the bike hospital!

More details on the trip to come later!


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