Home Away From Home, South Carolina

Texas Here We Come!

We’re off! Finally after a lot of preparation and packing and maybe some unpacking we headed to Texas via Abbeville, La. Our plans were to be at Betty’s RV Park in Abbeville Wednesday and that’s nearly 1100 miles from home which means two hard driving days as initial plans were to leave on Tuesday. Jerry had an appointment in Greenville Monday morning and I had a hair appointment but we discussed the possibility of leaving around lunch time on Monday. We thought it was possible although there would still be some last minute things to do like getting the car on the dolly. By getting in some driving time on Monday we could make Tuesday and Wednesday easier so that was the tentative plan. We were at Trent’s house for the week-end keeping the three precious grands and we knew we still had a lot to get done Sunday afternoon so when people asked when we were leaving our reply was maybe Monday, maybe Tuesday.

We were up and at’em Monday morning with all intentions of leaving as soon as we got our appointments taken care. Jerry left for Greenville a little after 8:00. I took a shower, got dressed and then started taking things out to the motor home. It was sprinkling some but since I was getting my hair done later it didn’t matter. I also put a load of towels on to wash and then vacuumed the main part of the house. I always like to get the house cleaned before we leave and with it on the market it’s even more important. It’s also nice to come home to a clean albeit dusty house.

We got everything packed and just as we were getting ready to put the car on the dolly I asked Jerry if he had filled the fresh water tank. Nope – so he got busy doing that. He’s never done it but once before so perhaps he was not sure what he was doing. He kept running the water but the level in the fresh water tank remained at 1/3. Sensors are notoriously famous for giving incorrect readings so he just assumed that was the case and said we’d go with what we had.

We did get it together and despite rainy, gloomy weather we pulled out of Autumn Drive at 12:50. Fortunately the rain had stopped but weather predictions for the evening were not good with discussion about damaging winds around the Columbia area. Hopefully we could get by there and out of the pathway of the storms by the time we stopped. Plans were to stay at a Walmart tonight and tomorrow night. We’ll see how it goes. By 3:00 it was beginning to get foggy and could get much worse by dark.

Around 4:00 we stopped in Latta, SC at the Flying J to get gas. The station has two gas RV lanes plus South Carolina gas is much less than North Carolina gas so we always try to make it to Latta. When Jerry got up to go to the bathroom I heard an “Oh no” and “you don’t want to know”. Well of course I did. Seems the commode was filled to the top with water and some had splashed out. Initially we had no idea where the water had come from. Jerry pondered it for the next hour or so.  Fortunately it wasn’t much water and was easily cleaned up,

We continued to drive until about 5:30 and stopped at a Walmart in Camden, SC. I had called earlier and was told it was fine to park as long as we parked near the end near Zaxby’s. We were able to actually parallel park behind Zaxby’s which allowed us to temporarily open one bedroom slide. Jerry wanted to make sure there was no water under the bed as he still hadn’t figured out where the water in the commode had come from. Bing! Idea! Instead of filling up the fresh water tank Jerry had inadvertently filled up the black water tank! Oh well, fortunately we have two black water tanks as we have two bathrooms so no problem there but showers may be iffy. Lesson learned but fortunately not an extremely costly one, just an inconvenient one.

We discussed what to do at dinner and finally decided to walk over to Walmart and get some dry goods for dinner. I gave it the old college meal (I won’t tell) plus I nuked some mac and cheese. The temperature was a mild 57 and it wasn’t supposed to go down during the night so instead of using the generator we just used the house batteries. We only used a bit of light plus the refrigerator so we were good.

Both of us were tired and sleepy and I was fighting to stay awake by 8:00 but then got a phone call that of course woke me up so it was nearly 11:00 before I went to sleep. Jerry was already snoring in the den chair! Despite our concerns about bad weather I never heard wind, thunder or lightning, just rain and I slept well.


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