On to San Antonio

Awoke this morning to a very cold and heavy rain. What a day to be breaking camp. I felt sorry for Jerry having to be outside especially when he had to secure the car to the dolly. Betty came out to help us navigate out of the site. Sites at Betty’s are very close together and cars park in front of their units so it is close. There is no cable and Wi-Fi is iffy but the camaraderie is not to be found anywhere else we’ve been. There is a slight possibility that we may come back through Abbeville on our way home. We’ll see where the trip takes us. Cookie and Jim came out to tell us good-bye. Unfortunately they are leaving Betty’s at the end of the month and won’t be back until March so we won’t get to see them even if we return. As Cookie said we’ll stay in touch by Facebook.

I think both of our GPS’s must have been frozen this morning because I know there is an easier way out of Abbeville than where we went. I really don’t like to travel on roads that are so narrow there are no markings on the pavement. Trust me, we were in the back country and it was a little nerve racking. It took us almost 20 minutes to get to a highway that was navigable. We went under a 14’ bridge and I was just hoping that our height measurement was correct. Apparently it was as we didn’t hit anything. There were a lot of trees with hanging branches but they were not low enough for us to hit them. Just low enough to worry me! On top of all of that there was a strong wind blowing making it even more difficult to drive. Jerry was going to have a difficult day.

When we went out to eat Wednesday night we realized that the tax on our meal was 11%. We found out later that that tax is determined by the municipality but can be no higher than 12%. I don’t know where the tax money in Louisiana is going but I can assure you that it’s not being spent on highways. In all of our travels these are by far the worse highways we have driven on. I read earlier that Michigan had some of the worst roads in the United States but we did not find it that way. In fact last night at Happy Hour there was discussion about the condition of the roads with people asking when they could expect to be on smother highways. The answer was Texas! From Abbeville to Crowley was, let’s just say interesting! Both towns have roundabouts that are pretty challenging for a 40 foot motor home towing a car but it can be done. In Crowley we were finally able to get on Interstate 10, an interstate with four lanes. Yea!!

We entered into Texas around 11:30 and stopped at the Visitor’s Center. We were only there long enough to get a few brochures and take a picture of the Welcome to Texas sign. We probably should have stayed longer. Just a few minutes after we left we ran into a terrific storm – pouring rain, booming thunder and sharp lightning. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a storm of this magnitude when it’s 37 degrees outside. It finally quit raining heavily and storming when we reached Beaumont but the wind continued to blow at over 20 miles an hour. I reminded Jerry that people often stopped when the weather was so bad and we didn’t have to get to San Antonio tonight! Thank the Lord for safe travel thus far as the driving has been very treacherous.

Stopped at 1:20 for gas and lunch at a Flying J in Baytown. Gas was a little higher at $2.15. We left at 1:50 headed for Elmendorf. Love driving down the multi-landed highway seeing warnings to drive carefully, icy conditions may exist. And we came south for January!

We got to Houston and bypassed the downtown area but Houston just keeps going on and on and on. Is it the largest city in Texas? As we were riding through we saw a glass cylindrical building with cars stacked on each floor, a golf driving range encircled with a high net/fence right in the middle of the city, a building advertising Sky jumping (which is the only way I’d do it and then probably not), lots of Texas flag flying and even more American flags. Jerry saw one flag that was so large it was visible for over 5 miles.

We finally got to the Braunig RV Resort just before 6:00. Bad planning on our part and we should have left earlier than we did this morning but it was pouring down rain so we sort of delayed. We ended up setting up in the dark, never a good idea. First we had to take the car off of the dolly and he couldn’t reach the chains with his coat on so there he was in the cold with no coat! By this time the temperature was below freezing and the wind was still blowing. We had a little trouble with the jacks and then when we started putting out the living room slide we realized that we were too close to a pole and it couldn’t go all of the way out so we had to pull up the jacks, reposition the coach and then put the jacks down again but this time they worked perfectly. All of this was done in 32 degree windy weather with a real feel in the 20’s. Poor Jerry had the hardest jobs today but then he always does. I offered to drive but he didn’t want me to drive because of the 20 mile an hour wind. Let me just tell you it was a treacherous drive but the Lord had His hand on us and we do give him honor, praise and thanks.

While he finished doing the outside chores I fixed the spaghetti for dinner. I knew he’d be cold and would want something warm as soon as he got in so I tried to do a little bit to help him out.

Finally got the Wi-Fi booster set up so we have some Internet. It’s spotty but better than just using the campground’s which is very slow – when it works.

By this time we were both exhausted and we just collapsed!


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