Self-Imposed Rest Day

I always try to have a couple of rest days built into our schedule as we stay so busy when we’re traveling. Knowing we may not come back this way always has us doing and seeing all we can. Jerry had two long days of driving and one of those days involved treacherous driving and all of his attention. I had picked last Thursday for a day of rest but we ended up at Palmetto Island State Park riding bikes and then the Shadows on the Teche plus Happy Hour so in other words, no rest day. Friday was a stressful driving day and Saturday was a full 12 hour touring and walking 5+ miles so Sunday was crash day.
We had some things planned but Jerry was suddenly stricken with a migraine and unfortunately spent the day in bed. He usually gets one every three or four months but this is first time he’s gotten one while we were traveling. I spent the day catching up on the blog and was actually able to post it online.

We had planned to go to The Gristmill River Restaurant in nearby New Braunfels in the city of Gruene and by late afternoon Jerry felt well enough to go if I would drive so off we went. It was a little further than I had anticipated but well worth the drive.

img_3091When we got to the village we easily found parking and then walked in what we thought was the Gristmill. I’m sure the looks on our faces told everyone we were in the wrong place although it appeared to be a real cowboy place. Lots of boots and cowboy hats and a lot of smoke. It also appeared that there was going to be music in the back but we quickly left and started wandering down a tree lighted path and to Gristmill River Restaurant.

I don’t know how I heard about the Gristmill but I surely would like to thank the person who mentioned it. It is a lovely restaurant with roaring fireplaces in several rooms, sweet Southern hospitality and scrumptious food. We both had hamburgers and when I bit into mine I looked at Jerry and said “Move over Backwater Jack’s”, the place at home where we get the absolutely best burgers. And then … the onion rings.

Absolutely the best I've ever had!
Absolutely the best I’ve ever had!
I have eaten onion rings all of my life from the time my mom used to prepare them to the many restaurants I’ve eaten in but never have I seen or tasted any like these. If you get a chance go and get some! Our waitress couldn’t have been nicer and she shared some information about the mill. I had noticed on a brochure that most of the activities in the village were scheduled for February through November and that was the way the restaurant used to operate but recently they added on and enclosed a large part so they are opened all of the year. Only the entrance is the original part of the mill but the atmosphere must be very original. With the fireplaces and large animal heads or in our section stuffed wild turkeys it created a rustic ambiance.
Notice the wild turkeys
Notice the wild turkeys

After dinner we strolled around for just a bit as it was nearly 7:00 when the stores close. I got a magnet (of course) and a t-shirt and then we headed “back to the house”. I wish we had more time to explore the village and perhaps we will be able to fit it into the schedule. I don’t know the lay out of the cities so I don’t know if we will be near there again. I’ll look it up though!


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