The National Museum of the War in the Pacific – Fredericksburg, Texas

As we were preparing to leave Braunig RV Resort I noticed another Canyon Star parked a couple of sites down so surely I had to talk to them and ask them about their coach. It is their first coach and the guy said their only one as he would never get that one paid off! They are from the Austin area and apparently on go on short trips but really like their motor home.

We got a late start to Fredericksburg but after we got out of San Antonio traffic it wasn’t a bad drive and it was less than 100 miles. We quickly settled into the Lady Bird Memorial RV Park and it is quite a nice park although we are parked right next to an air strip with small planes taking off and landing frequently during the day. It’s the first park we’ve ever been in that parks RV’s opposite on each site. In other words, our neighbor’s door and our door opened toward each other. It really was quite nice!

After lunch we headed to the Enchanted Rock, the main draw in bringing us to Fredericksburg. As we were riding along I suddenly saw a sign that said the park was closed when the lights were flashing and they were flashing! Dang. We found out that it was closed for three days for Youth Hunt. This is when they go in to cull the deer herd as they are so populous in the area. I was so disappointed but what can you do.

We turned around and rode back into Fredericksburg and went to the National Museum of the War in the Pacific. This place is so large that you get a three day pass with your entrance ticket. Unfortunately we only saw a small part of it centering on the conflict between China and Japan and the events leading up to the war.

In an outside courtyard they have the Plaza of the Presidents where they have monuments for each of the presidents who served as Commander in Chief during the world wars. I was amazed to see that the majority of them had been active servicemen at some time.

Plaza of the Presidents
Plaza of the Presidents
It is a rather daunting place full of heroes, memories, triumph and tragedy. I kept thinking of my daddy as he served in World War II on the Seawolf. I remember calling it a boat and he quickly told me that it was a ship and the smallest ship to go overseas on its own power. We owe our servicemen and women so very much, our very freedom.

About 3:00 Jerry hit a wall and I was not far behind him so we came on back to the campground after a trip to the local grocery store. When we returned we sat outside and talked with the neighbors a bit as Jerry grilled pork chops and I took a quick 10 minute ride on the bike. Our neighbors are true bikers – they rode their bikes from Seattle, Washington to Portland, Maine in 60 days! Wow! He owns a bike shop.

After some discussion Jerry and I decided to change our itinerary so that we could come back through Fredericksburg to see the Enchanted Rock. It will mean calling several campgrounds to reschedule our arrival but I’ll work on it. Another state park we wanted to see, Caprock is going to be closed during the time we had originally planned to be there so by doing this we’ll be able to see that one too. Oh, they have a Youth Hunt day there too. There must be a lot of deer running and around here!


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