Seminole Canyon State Park, Comstock, Texas

Seminole Canyon
Seminole Canyon
As soon as I knew the park office was opened I called about changing our reservations. Although she said we could come in today with no problem I’m was not sure what she said about our reservation.

We left a bit after 9:00, we just can’t seem to get away much earlier. Of course our two GPS’s gave us divergent routes. Mine had us going Interstate 10 all the way to Del Rio which would have been an easy drive but it was 75 miles further so we elected to go with Jerry’s Clarion. Actually that too was an easy drive. Texas 14W is pretty much a straight road though it does have some hills and valleys and is just a bit bumpy. In fact, I was bored because the road was so bumpy I couldn’t cross stitch, work on the computer, or read and the scenery was not too much to look at I offered to drive. The only way I’ll ever get better is to drive and this was a perfect place to do it so I drove for nearly 2 hours without incidence or terrified fear – Jerry or me. The road was very bumpy though and there was a lot of road kill along the way. We also saw many herds of sheep and goats. Other than that the land appeared to be barren although as we neared Comstock things began to look a little greener. I saw a couple of signs that indicating a curve and that I should slow down to 65! Really, in NC we slow down to 45 but then the speed limit is a bit different. I had no idea what the speed limit was but I knew I was in no danger of exceeding it!

As we were nearing the park we had to pass through Integration Inspection. That was the first time we’ve ever experienced that but they just wanted to know if we were US Citizen and how many people were on board. I didn’t realize that we were that close to the Mexican border but the park is actually only three miles from there.

We got to the campground a little after 1:00 and I went in to register. There was no problem changing our reservation but there was a $10 administrative fee – really it took her two minutes. There is also a $3 a day park charge for each person so it added up! We are parked at the very end and have no Internet and no cell coverage. I have sent texts and e-mails to the children alerting them to that but am not sure they received either of them. We will be here until Friday morning.

We ate lunch and then went on the walking tour of the Fate Bell Annex and the Fate Bell Shelter. Words simply fail me as I try to describe the majesty and beauty yet desolation of the area. We descended into the canyon where we saw the pictographs put there years ago by the Indians. It is remarkable that they are still visible though faint. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and gave us quite a lot of information. There is little that can be done to preserve them because each remedy would in some way damage them.

The Hiker!
The Hiker!
After the tour we unsuccessfully tried to resend an e-mail to the children telling them that we were off the grid for a couple of days. We were told that the Internet was strong up by the bathhouse so we stopped there and tried again and then sent a text. I have no idea if they received it though. In a way it’s kind of nice to have no cell, Internet, Facebook, etc. but there’s always that nagging feeling of being totally out of contact.

The Photographer
The Photographer
When we got back to the coach I worked on my notes for the day and then we went outside to watch the sun set. Apparently it’s quite the routine here as many people were out. Unfortunately due to the clouds the sunset was not remarkable – it was the normal “you should have been here yesterday”. Oh well, maybe tomorrow although there is a 40% chance of rain. I’m sure we’ll see some spectacular sunsets during the next week.

Came in, had dinner and then with no Internet and no TV it looks like it’s time to read. I’m quite sure our Dish would work great out here but we have to call to tell them our zip code and since our cell phones don’t work we can’t call so… It’ really going to be a quiet night!


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